How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth

How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth

How long does it take to brush your teeth so clean?

Brushing teeth is part of the daily activities, some of them much less aware of the proper way of brushing teeth and how long we recommend brushing teeth. The length of time brushing teeth dental hygiene-related in its entirety, plus rub the tongue and gums.

Many people brushing teeth just the front, while the back teeth left. From the habit of brushing teeth every day, so make us less focus when brushing teeth and in a hurry. Done while brushing teeth, an important fresh mouth already feels, brushing teeth done whereas in certain parts of the teeth are not clean yet.

Time brushing teeth that are recommended by experts is a minimum of 2 minutes, because there are parts of the teeth should be brushed like the front, the back teeth, upper and lower teeth, the sidelines teeth up to rub the tongue and gums.

Don't rush when brushing teeth, because of the risk of injuring the gums to bleed on and finally embossed thrush.

Although it is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day, but most people still don't pull in the right time. Online survey results from Unilever in France, India, Italy, and Indonesia involving 1,634 respondents consisting of parents and children ages 8-12 years, proved 79 percent of parents and 85 percent of children in Indonesia are not brushing teeth in the evening before bed.

The experts stressed that brushing your teeth before bedtime is important because the bacteria in the mouth more breed at night. This is because due to bacteria in the mouth to proliferate twice more in the evening.

The rest of the food still stuck to the teeth will become the nest to breed bacteria and very risky in cavities because of the acidic substances, resulting from the bacteria. In addition to using your toothbrush can use dental floss to clean the teeth of the most difficult to pick as on the sidelines of the teeth.

So the time it takes for brushing teeth is ideally at least 2 minutes to clean the teeth as a whole. Remember the dirty teeth became the major cause of tooth decay like cavities.

If your teeth are already perforated, you must increase the frequency of brushing your teeth especially when you have finished eating. Perforated teeth brushed will rarely getting worse and risk on the part of the other teeth.
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Well, while your teeth are still intact, lets to be diligent in brushing your teeth at least 3 times in a day and a minimum of 2 minutes once and brushing teeth.


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