Home Remedies For Cavities, Natural And Save Your Money

Home Remedies For Cavities, Natural And Save Your Money

Having the cavities must be treated to avoid growing widths. Cavities as well as being the cause of the pain will also cause odor. By doing the treatment of cavities will reduce the symptoms that may arise such as pain and mouth odor. Not only that, the cavities are often also became a problem for teeth such as swollen gums and sore to felt in the jaw.

If the perforated upper teeth and over many years can cause heart disease and stroke, so do not be underestimated the problem of cavities. Do dental treatment requires regular doctor are expensive, well to put save on the cost of dental treatment you can do an at home. However, it does not prevent you to see a doctor because of home remedies for cavities should be based on the doctor's advice. You're probably not too often going to the dentist, when you do the treatment yourself at home. How to Home Remedies For Cavities?

Treat cavities by using natural materials and how you can do it yourself. Probably some tips below can help you to handle the cavities.

Home Remedies For Cavities Naturally

Use garlic

Garlic and antibiotic properties are very effective for reducing tooth pain. Did you take one of the garlic cloves and make it soft, add salt and apply it directly to the tooth that has hurt. Repeat this treatment until a few days.

Use salt

It turns out that the salinity behind the salt content of iodine in there that was able to relieve the pain of arthritis in the teeth. Mix little of salt in a glass of warm mineral water then stir, then use it as mouthwash, you will feel comfortable and not too tormented by toothache. But, you guys are not recommended to chew salt directly.

Use guava leaves

Clove can also reduce tooth pain because it consist of anti-inflammatory antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anesthesia. Spray a little clove oil into a cotton swab and then paste it to the teeth that hurt. You can also drops few of clove oil into a glass of water to rinse them out.

Use clove

Clove can also reduce tooth pain because carnations are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anesthesia. Do I spray a little clove oil into a cotton swab and then paste it to the teeth that hurt. You guys can also blend a few drops of clove oil into a glass of water to rinse them out.

Use red onion

You can choose the onion to solve toothache, onion contains the anti-inflammation and antiseptic properties that show that they are able to control the toothache. I can't take one raw onion to continue chewing a few minutes till the tooth pain is gone. But if you can't chew it, you can rub on the teeth that hurt. This would help you kill bacteria in the mouth causing infection.

Cleaning your mouth

Bacteria are the main cause of toothache because the bacteria can cause damage to the teeth and gums. So don't forget or lazy to clean the mouth especially after finishing eating men.
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Pour 1 tablespoon of lime water on a part of the tooth that hurts every 10 minutes, or you can make lime juice. Vitamin C in orange juice can also relieve toothache and the lime becomes one of nature ingredients to treat toothache.


Pepper treatment for cavities will be very useful when the tooth is very sensitive. You take pepper and salt then give a few of water to form a paste. Then apply paste directly to the cavities and let it for a few minutes. If necessary repeat this activity every day until a few days until the pain caused by the cavities decreases.

If you do not want your cavities are getting worse, you could do this in a natural treatment. May be useful.


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