Diabetes Symptoms In Women

Diabetes Symptoms In Women

Diabetes Symptoms In Women – Previously we have discussed about the symptoms of diabetes in men, now let us review about the symptoms of diabetes in women. Diabetes symptoms in men and women almost equally, to know the signs of diabetes in women you must read this review until it is complete. A less healthy lifestyle became one of the causes or risk of diabetes both men and women.

Remember diabetes is one of the biggest causes of death disease in the world, from now on you should be more aware to recognize yourself. By knowing the symptoms of diabetes in women can help to detect diabetes. The cause of diabetes should get treatment from getting worse.

Because most women have a high bustle made them less aware and less concerned with health. Working every day is getting narrowed its time to improve your health. If a woman has symptoms like this, you have to be careful, you could be hit by diabetes.

Diabetes Signs In Women

Urinary tract Infection

Some women also complained of urinary tract infection that occurs due to the irregularity of their body's glucose levels.

Yeast Infection

In women, high levels of glucose can cause infections in various parts of the body, such as the mouth in the form of canker sores or infection in the va*gi*na.


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and complex health problems occur due to hormonal balance disorder this could be an indication of diabetes.

Sexual dysfunction

Aren't you passionate lately? This could be a sign of sexual dysfunction that occurred due to the onset of diabetes.

Increased urination

The classic signs of diabetes and more or less men and women with general experience, frequent urination. You must have checked immediately.

Diabetes Symptoms In Women And Signs

Increased hunger and thirst

High blood sugar levels can make you feel hungry and thirsty before. If this continues, it could be good for the saw to the doctor.
Lose weight

Despite the desire to eat and drink they are getting high, diabetics will experience weight loss. In some cases, weight gain occurs. But if there are no obvious reasons for the variations of this weight, they could be the main symptoms of diabetes.
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Diabetes can cause depletion, calm and nausea, and skin infections.

Skin disease

Skin infections, along with tingling in the hands and feet, may also be signs of diabetes. Note alarm the body that makes you have to see a doctor.

Old wounds healed

The common symptoms of diabetes are cuts that are not recovered and take longer than usual. If this happens, it's a sign for diabetes.


High levels of sugar can cause the nerves in the hands and feet to be reduced in terms of the ability to feel. The effect will be to make the palms of the hands and feet often feel tingling.

Blurred vision

For the symptoms of diabetes in women and men it is another vision problems and this occurs because of the increased blood glucose levels so that the blood vessels are broken, and the broken blood vessels will automatically limit the amount of fluid to be sent to the eyes of so many diabetics who experience problems in their eyes as a vision that is confusing or blurred. The symptoms of this may be lost when the blood sugar levels of diabetics return to normal.
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Unstable emotions

Unstable emotions caused by the condition of the body that feels very tired and hungry of intensity often. These circumstances often cause irritability of diabetics and always want to maintain their own preferences. Even some patients can avoid certain nutritional restrictions, because if the anger out is not reached then and conditions their body grew progressively worse.

The above are diabetes symptoms in women, if you have symptoms of it then do not delay any longer to see a doctor.


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