Beware Of Diabetes Symptoms In Men

Beware Of Diabetes Symptoms In Men

Diabetes Symptoms In Men - Diabetes not only suffered by women only, men as well as many who suffer from this disease. Diabetes is caused by many factors, one of the causes of diabetes are bad habits such as smoking and excess al*co*hol consumption. In addition diabetes can also be caused by heredity, no wonder there are babies who are already affected by diabetes. Diabetes symptoms in men are similar to the symptoms of diabetes in women.

Symptoms of diabetes in men often occur in each State resident, because of lack of awareness so as to make them no matter and ignoring the symptoms of diabetes that. Diabetes who do not get handling soon will be getting worse. Therefore, to prevent and knowing that you have diabetes then check with your doctor immediately. Diabetes already get medical aid may be anticipated or even cured.

To be aware of diabetes in men, here are some of the symptoms of diabetes in men that you can consider. When you experience it, and then don't delay any longer to see a doctor.

Diabetes Symptoms In Men

Blurred vision suddenly

The disorder is often called blurred vision cataract and is usually experienced by already acute diabetics. The cataract may occur because the sugar forms a layer that covers the lens of the eye. This causes the lens of the eye to become opaque, to inhibit the entry of light into the eye and consequently interrupt the vision. This disorder may be treated by means of doing eye surgery through replacing the damaged eye lenses with plastic lenses.

Excessive urination and thirst

In general, people with diabetes experience excessive urination because the blood sugar levels of excess quantity. Due to excess, then the body is stimulated to secrete excess levels of sugar through the kidney along with the urine. People with diabetes are usually excessive urination occurring at night, especially at night, so it reduces sleep quality. This is because the blood sugar levels at night are relatively higher than during the day.

The symptom of excessive thirst is the impact of the body that emits too much urine. But in fact this is an effort of the body to avoid the lack of fluid (dehydration). During blood sugar levels have not been well controlled, will be the constant desire to drink. In contrast to many drinks will cause a craving for urination.

Diabetes Symptoms In Men
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Erectile dysfunction occurs

In a long period of time, diabetic men can also experience the risk of erectile dysfunction, i.e. the reduced number of spermatozoa produced by the hormone testosterone. In acute conditions, it can cause impotence. Erectile dysfunction is caused by the onset of nerve cell damage due to diabetes. Diabetes can lead to disruption of the system's blood flow around nerve cells such as in the kidneys and genitals. If it is not immediately treated, then it can interfere with the relationship of household harmony.

Weight dropped dramatically

Involuntary diabetics will experience weight loss without a known cause. In diabetics, the decrease in body weight is caused by most of the blood sugar to the urine through the renal system. The blood sugar is the result of digestion of food in the stomach. As a result, regardless of the amount of food eaten, the drain will rest while the insulin cannot disburse the sugar as a source of energy for the body.

Wound healing is hampered

In case of injury, wound healing is often for a long time. This is because the reduced blood supply due to constriction of blood vessels. For prevention, it is recommended that diabetics always keep and care for their skin even if no injuries occur.

Appetite increases suddenly

In general, people with diabetes have a great appetite, but their weight is not increasing. An increase in appetite is triggered by a decrease in the body's sugar reserves despite high blood sugar levels, which makes the body, feel flabby as less energy and, finally, the desire to eat. Whereas if it is checked, the sugar content in the blood is already quite high.

Nerve damage occurs

Diabetics also experience nerve damage, because diabetes can damage the nervous system. It damages to the nervous system that causes disruption of the system's blood flow around nerve cells as it does in the eyes and kidneys. Nerve cell damage due to diabetes, also called neuropathy. There are three types of nerves that are damaged by diabetes, i.e. damage to motor nerves, sensory and autonomous.
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In addition to the symptoms of diabetes in the men above, there are also some of the symptoms that can be individually observed such as fatigue, mouth dryness and headache. This is because the body is the lack of oxygen to burn the sugar into energy. Reducing amount of oxygen in the blood caused by a cell of sugar in the blood vessel so that the flow is slowing. Eventually the heart will work harder (palpitations), headache, and dry mouth and feel tired easily.

Essentially, the symptoms of diabetes in men at the top can be prevented with a healthy diet, reducing foods that are sweet, avoiding smoking and al*co*hol, as well as diligent exercise. So if you are overweight, empty diet reducing food-calorie, fatty and sweet. That way you will avoid the risk exposed to diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes in men are almost the same as the symptoms of diabetes in women, well when you feel to have symptoms such as above, immediately check your sugar levels.


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