Diabetes Symptoms And Sign Unsuspected

Diabetes Symptoms And Sign Unsuspected

Diabetes Symptoms And Sign - The symptoms of diabetes is not always the same is known by many people as an increase in frequency of urination, back and legs often tingling etc. But there are other symptoms that may never have thought of before. Symptoms and signs of diabetes it is as follows.

Hard-cured itching

Do not be ashamed to consult a doctor if you experience constant itching. Diabetes can interfere with the blood circulation that triggers dry, itchy skin. Some diabetic patients complained of severe itching in the arms, calves, and feet to become something that should be taken seriously. So, if a skin moisturizing cream not able to relieve itching, then it is good to see a doctor immediately to get a thorough inspection.

There are changes in the skin

Do not ignore when there are unusual skin changes. When the color became darker, scaly creases in the area, mainly at the back of the neck, elbows or knuckles, but you are quite diligent in the treatment, the conditions are often the initial warning of blood sugar levels that are too high. "Despite the genetic or hormonal condition can cause a skin disorder called Acanthosis nigricans, however, when I look at these conditions, the first thing I do is to do the tests on the patient's blood sugar," said Sanjiv Saini, MD, dermatologist at Edgewater, Maryland.

Adar High Insulin promotes the growth of epithelial cells and melanin. The pigment in the skin cells will eventually cause black spots. Blood sugar testing can show whether patients already have diabetes, or simply detect blood sugar levels as a way to detect the disease. "Going on a diet and weight loss can reduce at least the high blood sugar levels and can help cleanse the skin," continued Saini.

Decreased hearing

If these days you need to elevate the television volume or hard to hear clearly when others speak, immediately notify your doctor, you might need a blood sugar test. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health, hearing loss may be an early warning of diabetes. Although they have not yet been introduced into the diabetes criteria, people with blood sugar levels above the normal risk of having a 30% more chance of hearing damage instead of people with normal blood sugar levels. Researchers believe that triggering diabetes damages the blood vessels and nerves of the inner ear, causing hearing loss.

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The vision became sharper without cause

No longer depends on your glasses, because your visual acuity instantly became? Preferably not euphoric in the heart first. The symptoms of diabetes are not only a decrease in the quality of vision, but also applies vice versa. "Vision can change for what is better or worse," said Howard Baum, MD, assistant professor of the diabetes Medicine division at Vanderbilt University.

"Many of the patients who told me that their vision improved fade when their blood sugar levels rise, but after they started getting treatment for diabetes, they need glasses again," he said. What caused that condition? Diabetes makes fluid levels in the body, including changes in the eye, which lead to a change in vision.
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Snoring stronger

"About half of type 2 diabetics have deteriorated their breath while sleeping," said Osama Hamd, MD, director of Joslin Diabetes at Boston's Diabetes Management Center. So when you experience loud snoring during sleep, often experiencing drowsiness during the day, it's time to do a blood sugar test. A study in Canada has recently indicated that 23% of patients diagnosed with sleep disorders are common, are at risk of developing diabetes within 5 ½ years in the future.
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Although the relationship between the two is not fully understood, but it is possible; Patients with breathing disorders while sleeping tend to release the stress hormones during sleep, which may increase blood sugar levels.

That's what the symptoms of diabetes in General, when you experience it, you should immediately see a doctor. Or for prevention diabetes you must check sugar levels periodically.


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