Brushing Teeth Is Very Important To Keep The Body's Health And Appearance

Brushing Teeth Is Very Important To Keep The Body's Health And Appearance

The teeth are a very important part of the body because it is the first time food digestion instrument before the foods go into the body. The function of the teeth is to destroy food and softens to help further the process of digestion in the body. You probably can imagine if you have no teeth, how food can enter the body if not crushed in advance.

Because the role of the teeth is very important for the body, then you should keep your dental health. Not limited to dental health, it also affects other organs such as ears, throat and can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as heart and stroke. How to care for teeth that are recommended by doctors is brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day that are after breakfast and before bedtime.

Brushing teeth after breakfast is to clean up the grime that stick to the teeth, because usually people rarely brushing their teeth. While brushing teeth before going to bed is also very important, because when you sleep, the bacteria in the mouth evolve more quickly to double.

In addition to having an influence on the health of other organs, dental hygiene also affects your appearance. Cavities teeth will dull-colour, or dental treatment which does not look white and clean as well as the cause of bad breath is not.

See some of the benefits of brushing teeth:

Reduce your risk of cavities

If your teeth are hollow it is one of the very common types of problems. This problem is caused by not brushing teeth with a brush that regularly causes the food clips to be stuck on the teeth. Next, the habit of brushing teeth will prevent the risk of decay.

Prevention of periodontal disease

Gingivitis is one of the diseases that often found a person who seldom cleaned teeth. This is because plaques still form in the gums and will cause inflammation around the gums. Usually this disease will suffer from slight bleeding while brushing teeth.

Make Breath Fresher

Unpleasant breathing usually occurs because of the dirt inside the mouth cavity. Before starting to do activities, take teeth to be clean after breakfast, so that fresh breath does not cause foul breath.

Prevention of stroke

Heart and stroke is a very serious disease. The disease has not only caused heart health problems. Brushing teeth regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke to reach 50% more. Oral hygiene will protect the blood vessels and flow to the work of the heart and other organs.
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Prevention of lung disease

A study by Jouernal of Periodontology revealed that the normal performance of the toothbrush at least twice a day could reduce the risk of disease in the lungs. Bacteria that accumulate on the teeth will make the special bombs directly related to the lung and respiratory organs.

That's the importance of brushing teeth regularly, maintain the health of your body can start with your oral hygiene especially keeping the teeth.


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