Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat And Safety

Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat And Safety

Many people assume that having a belly is a big problem, because it is very disturbing and surely will reduce the appearance. Big belly makes many people feel embarrassed if you use sexy clothes, they attempt to use loose clothes to cover their belly. In addition, you are also a lot of people a lot of the cost of having to buy new clothes.

People who have belly is also less agile move, when the exercise stomach feels heavy and tired easily. Whereas, less moving is one of the factors the causes of belly. The cause of the belly is a lifestyle that is unhealthy, lack of exercise, eating habits at night day, consuming a*lco*hol, sleep after eating and a habit of sitting in a long time.

To remove the belly can be done with exercise. What is the best kind of exercise to lose belly and safe thing to do. Here are some types of exercises that are effective to eliminate belly.

Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Sit ups

Sit ups helps you to shrink your tummy if you are not able to do it alone, then you can support another person to keep your legs while you are trying to pull the body forward.

Sit ups will be on your stomach muscles becoming firmer and reduce your tummy a little by little.

Vertical Leg Crunch

The exercise is almost similar to ball crunch and also sit ups, but here you have to lift your legs up while pulling ur body forward. First you have to lie with your hands behind your head.

Then lift your foot and cross it into the air. Next head and shoulders should remain stuck on the floor. During the leg in the air, pull your body forward and repeat a few times your best.

Walking or jogging

With familiarize yourself with walking or running it wouldn't hurt the most important thing is you move, even if you move, your legs and not your stomach, but at least you are ready to move. Little of little the calories there are in your body burns.

So instead of fat on the stomach will shrink, but other parts of the body will also join the psychiatrist and can your body become more and slimmer. Not to mention this sport is a kind of sport that is very easy to do.
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Back Up

Now if the movement of the fuse is the opposite of the shit up where we do it while sleeping face down and shifts the upper body up and down. You can also ask to support another person to keep your feet to make it easier.


Who says exercises required to shrink the stomach weight? The evidence can still shrink the stomach with much more fun. Yep especially if not cycling. Shrinking the stomach with cycling will not be difficult because cycling was indeed fun. You need to know with cycling in 30 minutes, you can already burn about 300 calories. So, start a habit of cycling from now on!

Ball Crunch

Maybe you're familiar with the exercises movement. Ball crunch exercise that is done with a big ball. The way is by moving over a big ball of shit up.

Elliptical Trainner

Elliptical movement trainee is athletic that you are in places, fitness. Some say that exercise with the use of these tools is like a combination of a path and go up the stairs. Feet where not only the lower body muscles, but also the upper part of our body.

Bicycle exercise

One of the exercises to shrink the stomach is cycling, but what if you don't have a bike? Don't worry because you still have a bike movement exercise.
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It's quite easy to do with the way your body postures positions with both hands behind your head, then lift your right knee to the chest while lifting your head with shoulders still in the state of stucco on the floor. Then you find the right knee with it left and vice versa as you ride a bike.

That's the kind of exercise that is effective to overcome the belly and to lose weight. Types of sports are also very helpful to lose weight so that you will have a more ideal and body shape.


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