7 Ways To Prevent Cavities Easily

7 Ways To Prevent Cavities Easily

A lot of people in this world have felt the pain of teeth cavity and they know how to suffer because of a toothache. Perhaps for those of you who have never felt a toothache thinks that pain is a trivial disease. Do you know that toothache is very painful, therefore desirable you not to have dental cavities, for cavities is the source of the pain is terrible.

In addition to causing pain, cavities also trigger bad breath is not a joy so often makes your confidence decline. While currently you haven't experienced toothache due to cavities, then you should probably prevent cavities. Prevent cavities are fairly easy, but requires patience and awareness of health. That’s what maybe you more eager to preserve the health of the body including oral health. Here's how to prevent cavities with ease you can try.

Brushing your teeth twice a day

You may hear this often. However, this advice is not really effective. Don't be lazy to brush your teeth at least twice a day, when you wake up and before going to bed. It would be very nice if you also brush your teeth after a meal, like one above points.

Make it a habit of rubbing the teeth after meals

Brushing your teeth after a meal will ensure that there are no leftovers that hang and cleanse the teeth of unwanted germs. But remember, do not clean your teeth immediately after eating acid, as they can make the teeth porous. After eating acid, wait half an hour before brushing your teeth.

Consumption of healthy foods

Consuming foods that are healthy and nutritious vegetables are very important for maintaining the health and strength of the tooth. Strong teeth also need nutrients like calcium. So don't just brush your teeth, but also to indulge his nutritional needs.

Clean the rest of the food stuck in teeth

Avoid eating foods that may stick teeth like caramel candy and more. This type of food can cause great damage to teeth and make fast tooth decay.

Use dental floss to clean the leftovers that are in between teeth

Floss or dental floss can help to remove small particles falling into the cracks of the tooth. This is why it is very important to use dental floss to prevent cavities, especially in parts of hidden gaps between teeth. Usually the food is churning on the place can cause damage to two teeth at a time.
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Do not forget to see a doctor to check the health of your teeth every 6 months

Don't forget to always check the teeth on a regular basis on the doctor. A doctor can help you find a small hole that may become invisible when you rub your teeth. Regular examinations with the dentist also help to prevent cavities.

That's the easy way to prevent cavities, please try it at home, hopefully with your dental health in this way is always awake and spared from cavities.


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