14 Sleep Deprivation Effects

14 Sleep Deprivation Effects

Lack of sleep can be caused due to a flurry of high level and are experiencing stress, this often makes people difficult to sleep because it is too think of something. The average person now has time to sleep less, and less than a quarter of people in the world to have time to sleep less than 6 hours overnight. Lack of sleep is a habit that are less healthy and at the time of the afternoon cause drowsiness. This is not normal habits are often a cause of emergence of various chronic diseases such as heart and blood vessel blockage.

Know Lack Of Sleep Effects:

# Movements Reflex

After 24 hours without sleep, the cognitive-motor performance on par with someone who drank five alc*ohol. To move around the effects of sleep deprivation, drink coffee and sleep for 20 minutes. Usually these tricks used by driver. But it's still really necessary for the body is sleeping.

# Hard to focus and memory disorders

You sleep deprivation although sleep only one night, according to Augelli, can negatively affect the ability of cognition, memory, learning and data processing in the brain. We need to sleep as part of the process of consolidating memory and learning. Keep in mind, these effects are short-term. I mean, if you sleep enough the next night, your brain's ability will return to normal.
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# Interruption in the stomach

Leptin production, the hormone that makes you feel full and organizes fat storage, decreases your percentage to 15.5 hours of sleep only five hours. It's no wonder the stomach is so easy to feel hungry.
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# Mood declines

"In the long run, lack of sleep can cause depression and anxiety," said Augelli. However, curiously, lack of sleep at night does not cause depression directly. The first day without sleep so can improve the mood. "The mood in the ascent may be due to certain neurotransmitters and remove the body from other hormones to make sure they wake up," added Augelli. However, this improvement in mood will not last long. After that, your mood will lead to depression and anxiety, if you still continue to lack of sleep.
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# Wider waistlines

People who sleep less have a body mass index of 3.6 percent larger than average. Those who are accustomed to closing your eyes only five hours per night also have more fat in the body.
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# Appetite Increases

"The effects of sleep deprivation may appear in the form of an appetite increase," said Augelli. When you have lack of sleep, their ghrelin hormonal levels increase. Ghrelin is a hormone that is responsible for giving signals to the brain that you are hungry.

14 Sleep Deprivation Effects

# In blood pressure disorders

A man who usually sleeps less than six hours will experience an increase in blood pressure 132 (normally less than 120). Maybe because there's no sleep cause hormone cortisol increases.
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# Premature aging

The results of a study conducted by 2013 at the Cleveland University Hospital and financed by the giant skin care product Estee Lauder pointed out that there is a correlation between lack of sleep and aging of the skin. Lack of sleep causes wrinkles to appear in the dark spots of the skin.

# Pancreas Disorders

Men at risk twice as large as may have a risk of diabetes during their lifetime due to hours of sleep less than six hours per night.
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# Deteriorating Heart health

The dream is the moment when our bodies return to the normal and relaxed state. Then, blood pressure and heart rate slow down as the body was being carried out. Lost sleep time means losing process the body is repaired and can cause increase of the stress hormone levels, causing the blood pressure to join the ride so that impairing heart health.

# Brain Health is deteriorated

Staying awake for 19 hours for three consecutive days can be harmful or fatal. This is evidenced by research done in animals and researchers believe that this might be true for men as well. Without sleep, the brain is also not able to cleanse the protein that causes the plaques cause Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
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# Declining athletic performance

Lack of sleep can also lower sexual desire and athletic performance the next day. It is very important that you get enough sleep, if you want to keep your athletic performance or your ability to exercise and perform physical activities.

# Decreased immune system

"Your immune system is compromised when you're not sleeping enough, though only one night," said Augelli.

# The metabolism gets slower

A slow metabolism can also occur when you are not sleeping enough. "In the long run, it will happen because the changes in the metabolism of your body no longer cultivate foods that go in the same way, creating resistance to insulin." "Your body will tend to keep more than you are eating, rather than being processed as usual," Augelli said. Insulin resistance can also create preconditions for diabetes, which, if not controlled, will continue to become diabetes.

That's 14 impact of sleep deprivation that you should beware, sleep and wake up on time is one way to maintain the health of the body stay fit. Not only that, the lack of sleep also resulted in disturbances of the soul.


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