What Causes Bloating, Symptom, Remedies

What Causes Bloating, Symptom, Remedies

Flatulence common occurs on everyone which of the stomach and intestine (digestive tract) there is excessive gas. When was having a bloated stomach makes you uncomfortable, and sometimes abdominal pain. Flatulence is caused by many factors, so that the best possible way before prevent flatulence is by knowing the cause. The process of absorption and formation of energy from food will produce gas and gas in the intestines will be expelled through the rectum.

However if the gas in the stomach causing excessive flatulence. What are the causes of excessive gas in the stomach and intestines.

Bloated Stomach Causes

  1. Consume milk, and all people have different digestive organs. There are people who can digest dairy products but there are also people who can't consume milk. People who can't digest milk usually react with abdominal swelling. The gases are created because the intestines can absolutely suck any dairy products. The expectation of this problem is to stop consuming dairy products.
  2. Plenty of air in the stomach, when you eat or drink then there is actually an air entry and passes through the digestive system. This condition may not be tasted but when you try to eat quickly even the stomach will be uncomfortable. There is an air that mixes with food and drink in digestive organs. So eating and drinking too fast can cause abdominal swelling. This condition also occurs when the hiccups suffer continuously.
  3. There are many bacteria in the intestines, when chewing food not all nutrients may actually be treated in the intestines. Some foods are often left behind in the intestines, and even food is absolutely not readily analyzed. As a result there are some bacteria in the intestines that are trying to lead the fermentation process to food. The following results are gas that can cause a lot of burp or flatulence.
  4. Soda beverages, soft drinks are actually very favored especially by teenagers. However, soda beverages can increase the production of carbon dioxide in the stomach. The usual stomach reacts through a lot of gas release and becomes more comfortable with burping. But if so it can cause excessive abdominal swelling.
  5. The side effects of drugs, the use of certain drug types to address health problems can also cause abdominal swelling. Some medications that often cause this effect are drugs to overcome ulcers, treat the mold for digestion, and different types of medications to laxatives and constipation.
Flatulence will be characterized by several symptoms, know what the symptoms of bloated stomach.

What Causes Bloating, Symptom, Remedies
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The Symptoms Of Bloated Stomach

  1. Increased frequency of nitrate
  2. The stomach feels bigger and tight
  3. Stomach feels pain
  4. Sometimes stomach cramps
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How to treat and prevent flatulence

Bloated stomach will make you uncomfortable, often farting and often the pain even saltpeter stomach and feels claustrophobic. Flatulence should be prevented before they occur, if it is too late to do immediate action. To treat flatulence, the first is to find out the cause, such as diet or other causes. To check your bloated stomach could knock the stomach, if more votes loud so there is plenty of gas in the stomach.
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You need to remember that flatulence can also be one of the symptoms of chronic diseases such as ovarian cancer, celiac disease, disorders of the pancreas. So if you often experience flatulence immediately see your doctor.


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