Types Of Breast Cancer

Types Of Breast Cancer

In addition to cervical cancer, the risk of subsequent cancer in women is breast cancer. 99% of the breast cancer for woman risk than with men. So every woman is afraid of this cancer, breast cancer is also a cancer causing death. Actually what breast cancer is it?

Breast Cancer Definition

Breast cancer is a cell that can't be controlled normally and increased cell growth is very fast, abnormal and difficult to control. Or other definition of breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm diseases originating from the parenchyma.

Breast Cancer type

You need to know that there are several different types of breast cancer but most often suffered is a type of ductal and lobular carcinoma carcionoma. This type of cancer is Ductal carcinoma is cancer cells that grow and develop at the ductus which serves to bring the milk in the breasts. While the Lobular carcinoma is a cancer that is in the mammary glands. This type of cancer does not spread beyond the ductus or lobulus called in-situ means "in place". If it spreads it is called invasive or infiltrative.
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1. Breast cancer is the type of dotal carcinogen

The cancer of Dotal tumor is on the site only along the channels of breast milk. At this point, nearly 100% of cancer patients still can be cured. The easiest way to get to know the ducal cancer on site is the regular/yearly picture. You can also check it out for yourself with a technique called science (see the breasts themselves). If left unchecked, the cancer of the ducal will eventually spread to the surrounding tissues. The wall-bombs of Assi end up thin and broke, then any spread of cancer. It can be limited to spread around cancer origins, but it can also be all over the body through the circulatory system. Publishing in the first place to the nodes in the armpit and other organs such as bones, liver and lungs. About 70% of breast cancer is a dotal carcinogen.
2. Type of tubular breast cancer

In the on-site pipe cancer (also called pipe tumors), the cancerous tumor still does not penetrate the loopoulos walls. The possible invasive cancerous tumours have spread to other parts of the body, starting from the fatty tissue of the breast. About 10-15% of breast cancer is a invasive cancerous carcinoma. This type of cancer does not always cause bumps, but only makes the thickness of the tissue damaged so that it can be difficult to detect.

3. Types of breast cancer in Paget

Breast cancer types are rarely, also known as Baguette disease. The cancer spread from dotos and spread to the skin around the nipple and the Ariola (black circle around the nipple). The skin around the nipples often feels raw, spotted, flush and bleeding. The patient will feel itchy and hot.
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By knowing the types of breast cancer above may help to distinguish the different types of breast cancer. Breast cancer is not all the same as the type of cancer that has been mentioned.


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