Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – After breast cancer in early stage, and then will continue on to the next stage if his condition. The continued breast cancer from this initial stage is inflammatory breast cancer. At this stage usually difficult breast cancer detected by a mammogram or USG examination.

Inflammatory breast cancer have been separated from other cases of breast cancer in an advanced stage. There are several symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer, please read below.

Symptoms of breast cancer inflammatory

In contrast to the most common forms of breast cancer, the overall inflammatory breast cancer does not show bumps. This disease grows as nests or platelets that clog the lymphatic system under the skin. Often symptoms associated with other diseases. Therefore, the diagnosis of breast cancer may be delayed by inflammatory.

Symptoms of breast cancer are inflammatory:
  1. Bruises on the breasts and did not recover.
  2. Swollen breasts suddenly.
  3. Pain in the breast. Breast cancer is often mistaken as an inflammatory breast infection and dealing with antibiotics. If the response to antibiotics doesn't happen a week later, ask for breast biopsy or referral to a breast specialist.
  4. Rapid changes in breast condition
  5. Change the skin on the breast area. You can find the pink or reddish areas often with the texture of citrus and fish.
  6. Itchy breasts
  7. The swelling of the lymph nodes occurs under the arms or in the neck.
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How to diagnose an inflammatory breast cancer

Breast cancer is often inflammatory diagnosis and other medical conditions. It is very important to detect breast or skin biopsy if the treatment for breast conditions such as infection does not work.

How to treat breast cancer inflammatory

Inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive that can spread quickly. Treatment options include the following:
  1. The surgeon. Surgery involves mastectomy after chemotherapy.
  2. Radiation. Radiation is often given after chemotherapy and surgery to reduce redundancy.
  3. Chemotherapy. This is given before surgery to shrink the tumor and make the cancer process. Chemotherapy also reduces the chances of cancer will relapse.
A sign of an inflammatory breast cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast inflammation has led to a number of signs and symptoms, and the most common happens together. It grows fast and includes the following
  1. Swelling in the breast skin
  2. The walk of the breast skin
  3. Breast warming up
  4. Redness of more than a third part of the breast
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Sometimes the nipples become reversed the skin may be peel the orange texture. Most often, there is no mass (tumor) that can be perceptible. Swelling of the skin may cause one to show bigger breasts than others. The breasts feel warm if you touch and can feel the weight compared to other breasts.

Pain, warmth, redness, and itching are also common symptoms of breast infection or inflammation. This condition may be the doctor will give you antibiotics. This may be a good first step, but if the symptoms do not improve in 7 to 10 days, the tests for cancer research should be done.

Because IBCs grow and spread rapidly, the cancer has spread to the nearby lymph glands at the time of the patients and told me about breast symptoms. This publication can cause lymph nodes under the arm to become swollen. If the diagnosis is delayed, cancer can become more advanced, spreading to the lymph glands in the chest or to distant places.

If you have any of these symptoms, then don't delay any longer to go to the doctor. You must see the breast specialist, in order to have the proper treatment.


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