Early Signs Of Breast Cancer

Early Signs Of Breast Cancer

Early stage cancer is breast cancer at stage 1. At this early stage breast lumps appeared on measuring approximately 2 centimeters, while the effect is not yet up to the lymph glands that cause a lump in my armpit. This cancer infects and attacks such as breast tissue on the waterways of that milk, where the production of breast milk, and attacks the fatty tissues. This cancer is caused by many factors that triggered this cancer include such environmental factors are less healthy, unhealthy lifestyle and hormonal changes.

Higher risk of breast cancer in women aged 50 years or more. Many argue that history became one of the causes of breast cancer. The genetic risk is not the only cause of breast cancer, but there are certain genes that can increase breast cancer.

Well, if in your family there are breast cancer survivors may you have a greater risk of developing cancer of the breast.

Know the early signs of breast cancer

  1. Skin color change breast, this is often misconceived as it is considered connected to the infection. In fact, if you are unsure of the bumps that appear on the inside of the breast, the skin discoloration may make you more vigilant. At this point, breast skin will be redness, irritation, such as skin texture occurs feel like orange peel, skin surface area affected by breast cancer seems to occur, and the winding thickness of the skin. However, on a certain type of breast cancer is fairly rare, the color change does not occur.
  2. The appearance of lumps in breast lumps in breasts is one sign of early onset of breast cancer. These bumps are not always painful. However, not all of the bumps that appear are a mass of breast cancer. These bumps can be as pale as you do personal checks at home. They are usually dimmed when you are menstruating.
  3. It seems that at least block me in spite of the weapons that are called breast cancer, does not mean stumbling in under the armpit you're having nothing to do with cancer. Thoracic tissue stretches down the armpit. That's why cancer can spread through the lymph glands under the armpit.
  4. Nipple Pain Properties Stage 1 breast cancer with the advent of changes in the nipple accompanied by pain. In addition, abnormal liquids are distinguished out of the nipple.
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To find out details about the early signs of breast cancer, you should see a doctor at least once a month. The results of the examination may also be demonstrated if an abnormality in the texture of the breast tissue. Or perhaps and will sense something strange is happening to you.

With an examination of the routine will make you more aware on the health of the body so that it will be compelled to do prevention. But if you show symptoms diagnosis of breast cancer at least get faster handling.


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