Causes Of Breast Cancer, Risk

Causes Of Breast Cancer, Risk


What Causes Of Breast Cancer?

Because many women are wary and afraid of breast cancer, most of them ask about what causes breast cancer. Because many people who assumed that with knowing cause it's easier doing prevention. But until now, the cause of breast cancer is still not revealed. But there are some factors that are believed to be able to increase the risk of breast cancer, at least not if you want to prevent breast cancer follow some of the causes of breast cancer.

Causes Of Breast Cancer

There are several genetic factors that are believed to be a risk in breast cancer, such as the following:
  • Gender, women have a greater risk of suffering from breast cancer than men.
  • Age, adult women aged 50 years more to have higher breast cancer risk compared with young women.
  • Family history, can anyone in your family suffer from breast cancer, you may be more at risk of breast cancer compared with someone who has a family history of breast cancer-free.
  • History of yourself, when you had cancer in one breast, the abnormal cells are most likely will happen in the other breast.
  • Changes in genes, breast cancer is caused by changes in the gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, namely, therefore, you need to check for abnormal tissue.

Breast cancer caused by environmental factors

Breast cancer can also be caused by environmental factors, the environment is less supportive of health provide a large risk in breast cancer. Such as the therapeutic use of x-rays and CT scans may be increasing the risk of breast cancer. Well, before doing the therapy, you may be able to consult medical personnel regarding health risks particularly breast cancer.

Breast cancer is caused by lifestyle factors

Lifestyle everyone is someone very closely related to the health of the body. Unhealthy lifestyle this will can cause health problems such as heart, stroke, diabetes or hypertension, breast cancer. Here's some lifestyle which can lead to breast cancer.
  • Eating patterns, the pattern of overeating triggers on overweight. The excess weight conditions became one of the causes of breast cancer.
  • Do certain activities, the research results of many which States that the activity or the forefront with regard to breast cancer. A study has been made in France give results that women who work at night and the women who have never been pregnant have a greater risk of breast cancer.
  • Al*co*hol, drinking al*co*hol is not recommended because it can affect mental health, and behavior of a person. Careful every day consume al*co*hol have an increased risk of breast cancer. The results showed that there are two groups of women who amounted to 200 people, one group was given al*co*hol daily, while the other group did not give al*co*hol altogether. And the results showed a group of women who were given al*co*hol every day there are 3 women who had breast cancer. As for women who are not given al*co*hol, there is no suffering from breast cancer.
  • Lump in the breast, lumps in the breast part though is not a sign of breast cancer, but there is a kind of bump that becomes the cause of breast cancer.
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Breast cancer can be suffered by anyone and anywhere, breast cancer is also one of the deadly disease. Many women died after suffering from breast cancer. Therefore, protect yourself from this type of cancer by how to do prevention and reducing the risk of breast cancer. That's some of the causes of breast cancer, may be useful.


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