Breast Cancer Prevention: Foods And Treatment

Breast Cancer Prevention: Foods And Treatment

Breast Cancer Prevention – Breast cancer is a type of first cancer that threatens any woman, the second is cervical cancer. To prevent this cancer should be done early on before it's too late, cancer prevention can be done well if you know some of the risks and trigger breast cancer. By knowing the risks and causes of breast cancer, you can better understand how to prevent breast cancer.

Some risk against breast cancer that is difficult to avoid this risk, such as a woman, the offspring, and other factors. More information let’s read the following.
  1. Genetic Factors – these factors provide a contribution of 5% to 10% in breast cancer.
  2. The age factor – age getting older also have greater breast cancer risk compared with young age.
  3. Factors of gender – women more at risk of developing cancer than breast men
  4. Factors of pregnancy – a pregnant woman older and first in more than 30 years of age, and women who gave birth at the age of more than 35 years have a greater risk of breast cancer compared to women who pregnant at a younger age
That's some of the risk of breast cancer, next is the way the prevention of breast cancer. How prevention can reduce the risk of breast cancer and healthier lifestyle change and consume healthy foods. To prevent breast cancer you can read here.

How to prevent breast cancer

Breast Cancer Prevention

Regular exercise

The sport became a part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Do sports at least 2 hours 30 minutes for 7 days. Women rarely do sports physically in a long time higher risk of breast cancer.

Consumption of healthy foods

In addition to the avid sports, next is good at selecting foods. Not only prioritizes the taste of healthy benefits but is a more important to be consideration. Eating healthy can be obtained from fruit and vegetables. Avoid high fatty foods and food items containing hazardous substances.

Stop smoking

As we know that cigarette smoke can trigger all cancers including breast cancer. Women are active smokers have a risk of 24% higher risk of breast cancer. well, to prevent breast cancer stop smoking habit started at this time.

Avoid 4lco*holic drinks

Alco*hol there is relation to a hormone in the body. Women who consume alc*ohol have more at risk of developing cancer of the breast as much as 10% to 12%. The risk may be increased if al*cohol intake more each day.

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Protect yourself from radiation exposure

High levels of radiation as the use of CT scans could be a trigger for breast cancer, if you are in a place of high radiation like that, and then protect yourself as much as possible from the radiation.

Keep Ideal body weight

It's not just related to appearance, have an ideal body weight is also a positive effect on health. Women after menopause and experience increased body weight is more at risk of developing cancer of the breast as much as 30% to 60% higher than women who are of normal weight. While for women that increased body weight before the menopause have a risk of 20% to 40% higher of breast cancer.

Breastfeeding a baby with regular

Breastfeeding was not only beneficial for, but for nursing mothers can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
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Do not be excessive hormone therapy

After menopause hormone treatment does not need to be taken in a long period of time, the use of hormone therapy is often overcome by insomnia, quick temper, and other factors caused by menopause. A combination of estrogen and protestation treatment can increase the risk of developing breast cancer, it is advisable not to take hormone therapy for more than 5 years. For more information on the doctor's advice to do the treatment in the details really required.

Breast screening for age above 50 years

Women who are over the age of 50 have a higher level of risk. For that Screening or vetting of the more routine is very important, as this is done to prevent breast cancer.

Do not excessively consume the contraceptive pill

Now there are many outstanding contraceptive pills on the market. You need to beware of is the contraceptive pill there containing estrogen where these substances can trigger breast cancer. Consume the contraceptive pill could increase the risk of breast cancer.

You can prevent breast cancer by following some of the tips above, don't forget consulting to your doctor.


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