Breast Cancer Awareness CHECK NOW

Breast Cancer Awareness CHECK NOW

Breast cancer is aware is the first step to prevent, check or treat breast cancer. Check an early breast cancer can be done by yourself with the use of the hand and the sight is there something strange on the part of your breasts. Self examination is very important, because by knowing the physical changes where conditions become more serious and immediate for getting help.

Be aware of the condition of the breast in case of abnormal changes over time, including the influence of menstruation, menopause breast conditions. If there is a change that is not normal, you should immediately to a specialist consultancy in order to quickly get the action.

Observing the changes of breast conditions should be done at any time, because some of the conditions of the breast is also an indication of a disease like breast cancer. Well, in order not to be late you must be aware and check your breasts at the moment and every moment on the future. You can check your own breasts in a manner deemed most convenient, such as:

How To Check For Breast Cancer

Standing in front of a mirror

Use your hands and your eyesight to reveal your physical condition especially in the breast part whether there are changes or not. Here are some ways to detect:
  1. Bent on the body in the front of the glass so that the breast is extended to the bottom. Look and feel he's to check if there are some changes in the breast.
  2. Pay attention to your breasts. Most women do not have the same size as large breasts (the right breasts are larger or smaller than the other).
  3. Stand with your arms beside your body. Note the shape and size and whether there are changes such as the surface and skin color, as well as the shape of the nipple.
  4. Put your hands on my waist and press strong chest muscles to tighten. Notice the breast while searching from left to right and vice versa
  5. Link with both hands behind your head and press inward. Pay attention to your chest, including the second at the bottom.
  6. Check if there is a fluid of the nipple. Put your thumb around the nipple, then press slowly, and notice if there is a fluid coming out. Repeat on the other breast.
While taking a bath

You can also check your breasts during showers. The foam soap will facilitate the movement of hands to check the lumps or changes in the breast. Raise one hand to the back of the head. With the other hand with soap, fingered the breast on the side of the hands raised. Use fingers to press the section for parts gently. Doing the breasts on the other side.

When you're lying down

Tests can also be performed by lying. Select a bed or other flat surface. When lying down, the breast becomes dilated and makes it easy to review. While lying down, put a towel roll or a small pillow under the shoulder. Put the right hand under the head rub the lotion with the left hand and use your finger to the breast palpate right.

Imagine the breast like hour's surface. Start the animation from point 12 to number 1 with a circular motion. After loop, slide the finger and start back up the whole surface of the breast to the nipple finishing the pallor. No need to hurry while you are doing the review. Make sure that all the surfaces clear the breast carefully.
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Things to observe while and after doing the inspection are still quiet if you find changes in the breast. Although I need to stay vigilant, but most physical changes do not lead to cancer. Further examination is needed to diagnose the disorder. The majority of the lumps on the breasts is also benign tumors that are not cancerous.

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What if there's a change

It can be the cause of the broken changes or the breasts of many things. However, they are only a few that lead to serious illness. About 1 out of 10 breast lumps are cancerous. However, the late-dealing cancer will bring a very serious influence. Therefore, check to your doctor immediately if you find :
  1. Get out of the fluid from the nipple of the breast, but not breast milk.
  2. Get out of the blood from the nipples.
  3. Rashes around the nipple.
  4. Solid in the chest or armpit.
  5. Changes on the skin surface: the skin becomes wrinkled, or there are basins.
  6. Changes in the size and shape of breasts, especially when lifting the breasts or moving his arms.
  7. There is a part of the flow and the nipples become moist, and fail to switch to as they are.
  8. There is pain or discomfort that can be endured on the breast.

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If there are changes, the doctor would suggest that further examination is done by diagnose causes and more serious examination as mammogram and ultrasound. Breast Cancer Awareness means you are aware with your health, check to the doctor on a regular basis to detect breast cancer early.


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