What Foods To Reduce Stress

What Foods To Reduce Stress

Foods To Reduce Stress – Life doesn't always go well, problems often arise caused by many things such as forefront, coursework, assignments, school problems, problems and more. This often makes us stress, and can not think healthy. This stress is triggered by rising cortisol hormone, as we have the previous review. Many people who try to reduce stress with a vacation, in addition to reducing stress can be assisted by consuming some food.

However, traveling on vacation, shopping, and visiting various sights cost quite expensive. Well as an alternative to reduce stress is to consume some foods that can reduce stress. So that the tranquility could be achieved without you out of the House. Here are some of foods can help soothe yourself during stress.

What kind of food to reduce stress


According to the chocolate experts are one type of food that is good to make yourself quieter and relaxed. Chocolate has a sweet flavor that can help soothe your mind, and make your body more relaxed. But don't consume excess chocolates, because they can increase weight.


Yogurt has a particularly delicious flavor when it is eaten in cold conditions. The consumer yogurt can also digest and improve body fitness. If you feel stress trying consumption plus slimming your body can also soothe the mind.

Ice cream

Ice cream is also already known by many, where food is very lovable by children. Ice cream is a taste of delights that can help to reduce stress. It's like a chill will make your mind also more cold and relaxing.


The taste of almond that is fragile and texture softer. It turns out that almonds can soothe the brain capable of getting rid of the free radicals causing stress in addition, almonds also contain vitamin C and vitamin E high.


Milk has low fat content, so no need to worry with increasing body weight. In addition to the well-known preservation of bone health, milk is also one of the types of foods that can reduce stress. Try to drink low-fat milk in warm conditions while sitting and enjoying an atmosphere of early morning or evening. Surely able to relieve your stress and make your heart feel better.


This fruit has a sweet sour taste. Low in calories and rich in fiber, high content vitamin C. You'll feel more relaxed and calm after the blue fruit is consumed. All sorts of problems that make you stress will disappear.

Green Tea
Foods To Reduce Stress

The scent of green tea is the perfume I can make you feel calm. This tea also contains amino acids that can appease the brain now and squeeze on things that can lead to stress. Try to enjoy green tea in the mornings and evenings before or after doing the activities. Drinking the warm drinks of green tea can help your body to relax more.


One of the fish is Omega 3 content, where these substances can help grow and develop the brain. Plus, Omega 3 also can make your brain become calmer? This is why it is advisable for breakfast by eating fish so that your brain is ready to get a wide range of compression.


Some nutrient contents in soy are vitamins B, calcium, magnesium and so on. The following are the benefits on health not very different with milk and milk. Soy milk can be used as a substitute for cow milk. In addition to rich with nutrition, soy milk is also low in fat. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned with weight loss due to the consumption of soybeans. Consumption of soy or soy milk seems to be able to reduce stress.


Broccoli is one of those vegetables that are healthy, able to ward off various illnesses and make the body to be healthy. Also excellent for the consumption for people who run the program on a diet. Next the broccoli is often in power. Broccoli also contains folic acid which is able to dispel anxiety, stress and panic syndrome.


Wheat can stimulate the production of sterotenin which is able to relieve stress and soothes the brain. Wheat is also rich in vitamins and nutrients so it is very good for the consumption of the body. Wheat is also commonly used to go in the diet and weight loss. So when you confirm you don't need to be afraid to become fat.


Asparagus was able to get rid of your bad mood because many of his troubles. So you're more excited about going back to doing all the activities of any kind. Asparagus has high content of folic acid, which can help you relieve stress.


The cheese contains the animal oil that was able to increase the levels of worshippers in the body. So you can make the brain feel calmer. So be able to cope with the meanness and depression. It tastes delicious in the mouth. Help educate your brain and you are ready to be active again.

Fresh fruit

In addition to rich fruit in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. Fruits are also able to reduce the feeling of fatigue and stress you or disturb you. Fruits also contain natural sugars that can relieve your depression. Try to eat fruit when you are feeling very depressed brain will surely return fresh and fresh.

That's some kind of food to reduce stress, well if you are currently taking, please stress to try some of the food.
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