What Causes Depression, Symptoms

What Causes Depression, Symptoms

Whether you're experiencing depression? Or your friend or family member is experiencing depression? How to know the people who experience depression, Let's read the reviews here.

The Causes Of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that occurs for some time, this resulted in a feeling of depression, mood and mindset. People who experience depression looks less eager, desperate, no motivation, felt he was innocent, do not want to do anything, not interested in something that is popular even grieving in quite a long time. The influence of depression usually spend a long time.

Depression is not merely emotional changes, but these changes are not normal. You don't consider paltry reserved for depression can take place in quite a long time. Because depression is a mental illness, then it should immediately get help, so as not to become more severe and can be either physical or mental harm to the person.

When experiencing depression, you may not do such daily routine of passionate work, schools and others. Not only that, the depression will likely make people become hard to connect with others even close family or close friends. Severe depression can cause you to lose your common sense, so consider his life useless. And most them tried to commit suicide. That's because the depression that is difficult to be cure.

Based on information from the WHO, the bottom there are 350 million people who get depressed around the world and 800 thousand they died because they committed suicide. But based on the notes I get that a lot more depression experienced by women than in men. Many people who experience depression, but they did not want to admit it, and resulted in the meraka not getting treatment.

As it known that depression is grouped into several sections including psychotic depression, major depression, perinatal depression, bipolar disorder, and others. Then what exactly is the cause of depression is that?

What Causes Depression, Symptoms

Causes of depression

Depression is caused by several factors such as environmental, psychological and generic. Depression is also a derivative of mental illness, so if you're among the families who have complaints of depression, then the risk of experiencing depression. Although it has been many things that cause depression but to date not found cause of depression specifically. Here are some of the causes of the depression that often occurs.
  1. When pregnant
  2. Experience the sad events such as the loss of a loved one, or someone loses worked and so on.
  3. The Trauma
  4. The heartache
  5. Financial matters
  6. Social issues
  7. Diseases of the old failed to recover such as heart, cancer and others

Symptoms of depression

To recognize depression, could you note of depression symptoms posed as below:
  1. Sad
  2. Often cry
  3. Anxiety
  4. Has no hope
  5. Confidence is reduced
  6. Lazy
  7. Don't have motivation
  8. More sensitive and hot-blooded man
  9. A more severe, attempted suicide
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Depression symptoms arising in physical

  1. Flippy
  2. Tired and jaded
  3. Experiencing headaches
  4. Reduced appetite
  5. Irregular Sleep
  6. Changes in weight
  7. Movement is slower also not quick manner of speaking.

How to treat depression

Don't let people experience depression in a long time, because this will make the circumstances worse. To treat depression can be done with the following way.
  1. Provide medication for depression, according to the doctor's prescription
  2. Refer to the fun activities such as soccer, vacation, sports and others are believed to be able to make him forget the issue.
  3. The event they are sharing about events that affect them
  4. To get more serious handling, immediate consultations to a specialist.

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That's some of the causes of depression and the symptoms that result, you need to know that depression can cause people trying to commit suicide, so for people who are healthy both body and mental need for a more optimal supervision. To prevent things that are less desirable.


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