What Causes Cervical Cancer

What Causes Cervical Cancer

What Causes Cervical Cancer, Almost all the diseases that arise have cause, including cervical cancer. There are many factors that cause cervical cancer. Possible cause factors of cervical cancer that is less noticed by most women, so the number of cervical cancer patients is increasing every year.

Cervical cancer is also one of the diseases that cause death. In the most severe cases, treatment is given only to alleviate the symptoms of cervical cancer and to help suppress the spread of cancer cells, so that patients expected to be long-lived.

HPV Virus

Healthy cells begin to experience changes in the DNA, thus leading to abnormal cells. These abnormal cells grow and grow until it was moved and spread to other areas and finally form of cervical cancer. Many argue that cervical cancer caused by HPV virus. HPV is the virus groups that there are a hundred more types of viruses.

While the HPV virus is transmitted through se*x, due to skin contact with the skin and the exchange of fluids. Actually not all types of HPV virus that causes cervical cancer, there are about 15 types of HPV viruses causing warts. While 70 percent of HPV virus types that cause cervical cancer is HPV 16 and HPV 18.

Some types of HPV are at risk from the virus cells to cells of the cervix, there the HPV grow and develop without being controlled so that it appears the tumor and eventually formed cervical cancer. As the most important way to avoid contracting the HPV virus is by administering the HPV vaccine.

What Causes Cervical Cancer

The cause of cervical cancer

Increased risk of cervical cancer due to several factors below:
  1. Se*xu4l partners are often changed, and women with many se*xu4l partners are at greater risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.
  2. Weak immune system, this condition may be due to the abuse of some medications such as immunoglobulin. The medication is used so that the authority does not reject the donor organ of another person or because of the HIV/AIDS infection.
  3. Se*xu4l activity very early, at the age of se*xu4l intercourse very early and will increase the risk of photoelectric infections.
  4. Having more children, children born of a child, then the risk of cervical cancer is higher. Women with three children, who are more likely to be infected with cervical cancer, are three times greater than women who have no children at all. It is estimated that hormonal changes during pregnancy make the cervix more susceptible to being infected with the compound.
  5. Drinking pills more than five years, these pills consume long enough and will increase the risk of exposure to double cervical cancer. Although it is still unclear why.

Prevalence of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is unknown and does not receive treatment, cancer cells will be out of the cervix and extend to tissues and surrounding organs. These cancer cells spread in the v4g*1na and pelvic muscles that support the bones. Also spread to the upper part of the body. This condition prevents the bombs flowing from the kidneys to the bladder or ureters commonly referred to as.
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Cancer can spread to the bladder, rectum, and finally get the liver, bones and lungs. Cancer cells can also spread to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system consists of a series of lymph nodes that span the whole body in the same way that the circulatory system.

Lymph glands produce many specialized cells required by the immune system. If you are infected, a knot in the neck or under the armpit will swell. At an early stage of cervical cancer, the lymph nodes near the cervix contain cancer cells. In some final stages of cervical cancer, the lymph glands in the chest and abdomen can also be infected with cancer.

Cervical cancer is caused by several factors, if you are more aware of and concerned with the health of the then current starts to try to avoid some of the causes of the risk factors for cervical cancer.


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