Stress Reliever Drink And Safe For Health

Stress Reliever Drink And Safe For Health

Problems often arise in life, the problems often make your mind up to become depressed cause stress. Many people who try to relieve stress by consuming drugs, or doing things that are not suggested as excessive and even smoked most of them take 4l*cohol to relieve stress. It can indeed reduce the burden of the mind, but the bad effects brought about very harmful for the health of the body.

One of the natural remedies to relieve stress is to take some of the drinks are believed to reduce stress and make you more relaxed.Some stress relief drinks you can read the following:

Relaxation Drinks

Drinking Vegetable juice

Making juice of spinach, celery and carrots are very good for the health of the body and some of these vegetables contain a lot of calcium and magnesium are very high. Drink vegetable juices like this to help reduce blood pressure and stress. So that your mind will become more relaxed.

Drinking a cup of coffee

Caffeine content in coffee beans can make us awake and calmer mind, as long as caffeine in low doses. When drinking coffee while enjoying the aroma of coffee slowly it can give you a sense of comfort and tranquility. But otherwise, if excessive caffeine consumption can make the brain feel uncomfortable. That is why people's health will feel anxious, heart palpitations, and can't sleep when drinking a lot of coffee. The dose of coffee for each person is different, but the dose of a glass of coffee containing 50 mg of caffeine.

Drinking milk

Cortisol hormone may be reduced to some extent because of drinking milk. The research results are mentioned by Marie Daly, Ph.D., at the University of California, San Francisco, which gace the conclusion that calcium content is excellent for calming the liver because it can reduce muscle tension and make nerves calm. However, given the age of young people no longer, please choose a type of low-fat milk so that the body fat does not accumulate.
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Drinking green Tea

Important substance contained in green tea is an antioxidant, and this causes why green tea is good to keep the healthy body. Besides being good for health, green tea is also good for heart and mind. Drinking green tea can help soothe the mind and reduce anxiety.

Stress Reliever Drink And Safe For Health

Drinking honey

Honey has high nutrient content and will no doubt be pleased. Honey is excellent to help regenerate cells, improve body immunity, against depression, anti-inflammatory and can also have antibiotics. The sweetness of honey gives a good effect and help the formation of energy.
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Drinking black tea

The trigger cortisol hormones could be reduced by drinking black tea, able to be reduced four times for 6 weeks, on the basis of a study in the United Kingdom.

Some stress reliever drinks  above, you can try when experiencing stress. By taking some of the drinks, of course you do not need to spend a lot of the cost to purchase the special drugs to relieve stress.


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