Side Effects Of Coffee

Side Effects Of Coffee

Side Effects Of Coffee, Who is not familiar with coffee drinks, I believe everyone would already know the coffee. Even most of the people love drinking coffee. As long as this person is a known black coffee, but lately the green coffee into a trend taken by many people. Coffee sold in the market average in powder form, there are mixed with the sugar there are also pure coffee.

A tasty coffee drink in warm and cold conditions, this unique coffee flavors makes a lot of people love it. Coffee for your health benefits we have review on an article before. Well, what about the side effects of coffee?

Although coffee is profitable, you should also know a few side effects from drinking coffee. The content of the famous coffee is the caffeine. Caffeine has a positive side and positive for the body, therefore do not consume too much caffeine. Some side effects due to caffeine content coffee and others you can read here.

Coffee side effects

Heat in

Coffee will interfere the health of esophagus at the bottom. Then came hydrochloric acid which is able to make you exposed to heat in.

Low metal levels in the body

Caused a kidney effect when producing calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Stomach irritation

The large number of compounds such as caffeine and acid that is in coffee beans are able to irritate the lining of the stomach and your intestine. Additionally, the side effects of coffee on gastrointestinal health, cramping, constipation, and diarrhea.

Absorption of nutrients in the intestines is disabled

Coffee may inhibit the absorption of food in the intestine, this is due to the coffee will stimulate peristaltic, so that the food will go to the small bowel quickly. Surely the absorption of nutrients from food can not be optimal.
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Porous bones

Because of coffee you can make your body lack metal, then it will also be bad for the health of your bones. The mineral density in the bones will go down and make the bones brittle.

Increased stomach acid

Taking coffee in the morning when the empty stomach is not a good thing for your health, because coffee can increase the production of hydrochloric acid or your stomach acid.
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For you, coffee lovers should not only pay attention to the advantages of coffee, but you should also read the side effects of coffee as I mentioned above. Consume coffee could lead to addiction this is because of the superiority of content. But in order to stay safe and not harmful to health do not drink more coffee.


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