Short Term Memory Loss

Short Term Memory Loss

In the short term memory lose is caused by the brain is overworked, so skimpy information division so that it can affect memory. Short term memory lose problems don't is not considered serious. Some examples are you forgot the newly saved items, or perhaps forgotten with the name of the new people you know, it's a symptom of lost memory. Loss of memory is classified into two, namely loss of short term memory and long term memory loss. But for today, I will discuss about short term memory loss. While long-term memory loss I will review later.

To reduce the risk memory lose which often caused by the brain is working beyond the limits that make sharing of information in the brain is insufficient. Some measures to prevent the loss of short term memory this is by knowing its cause. So to anticipation so as not lose memory you may avoid some of the factors that can lead to loss of memory. Here are some things that cause people to lose the memory in the short term.


Blood pressure can affect memory, so the blood can also cause lose of memory, this is as a result of research at the University of Alabama, stating where the person suffering hypertension higher risk of experiencing short-term memory loss, of the blood pressure in people who are normal.


Memory loss is one of the symptoms of global amnesia, while amnesia is one of the reasons often experience a migraine. This amnesia usually occurs in people aged 50 years and over. Even these amnesia symptoms can cause loss of memory for 24 hours. According to Professor Kirkham, amnesia happens because the results of the flawed genes. The consequence is the result of flawed genes spread through nerve impulses in the brain. When migraine occurs, then the brain has a memory although temporary paralysis.

Lack of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 useful help absorption of the vitamin in the small intestine and one intake is important for memory is vitamin B12. Sources of vitamin B12 can be obtained from fish, meat, milk and so on.


Menopause occur higher risk in women, while in the short term memory loss can be affected by menopause. It is based on the results of the study at the University of California, the reduced estrogen levels in women when the process of menopause will affect memory. However, this is not permanent memory disorders.


One of the side effects of chemo therapy is the effect on the brain, so for people who are currently undergoing chemotherapy usually experience a memory disorders include loss of memory in the short term.

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Pregnancy is one of the reasons for short-term memory. And forget when women experience the pregnancy process, then women will lose their lifestyle and routines that have traveled before, and this has led to getting their memories worse. When women are pregnant, it will be difficult to remember the phone numbers and it is also difficult to remember the name of the person who has recently become known.

After he underwent surgery

In the short term a memory loss is also due to terminate surgery, because before the patient operation will be diantesse. But at the same time, your memory can last longer than usual, usually ranging from a few days to a year after the end of the process. According to a survey conducted by the hospital at the University of Florida, they say 40 percent of patients over the age of 60, and about 12.7 percent of the misconduct, are remembered at the time three months after the surgery.
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Depression is one of the mental problem when a person has a brain chemical such as serotonin and is low enough noininephrine. Both chemicals are important for conveying a message so that someone also has problems with depression in memory. To alleviate the problem on the depression that someone owns, then the treatment needs to be done, one of them by putting a speech therapy.


Epilepsy is a very impressive presence of forgotten short-term memories, when the brain suffers from seizures, then the brain has the possibility to lose its memory. At the time of the person who suffers from shifts, the electric impulses in the brain will be disturbed. In the event of an attack on one of the parts of the brain such as Hippocrates, then symptoms can interfere with your memory. In order to recover, then epilepsy must be treated immediately so as not to stretch the long-term effects.
Side effects of taking medication for asthma

Taking the asthma medication and arthritis in a long period of time will lead to forgotten memories of the term that reduces the symptoms of asthma and arthritis, and then the treatment is a drug that contains corticosteroids. But lest this medication be consumed in a long period of time, because if you are a Minnesota over six months with high doses, then you will have problems with your memory. If used in less accurate doses, corticosteroids can kill brain cells and some areas of the brain such as Hippocrates are one which can shrink. If steroids are changed, then your memory may be lost.


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