Relaxing Herbal Tea To Reduce Stress

Relaxing Herbal Tea To Reduce Stress

Relaxing Herbal Tea – Herbal tea has important content to the health of the body, one of which is the antioxidant substances. This antioxidant function is to protect the body from cancer, anti aging, boost the immune system and so on. Antioxidants contained in tea in addition to providing health effects are also capable of making the mind more calm and reduce stress by creating a more relaxed mind.

There are several types of herbal teas that can be used for relaxing, including the following:

# Chamomile

Chamomile is herbal tea that comes from chamomile flowers. This tea is good for a very good stomach and consumed when stress. Chamomile is also useful for preventing inflammation in the body and as a mood.

# Green Tea

Green tea does not already including herbal teas, but with this green tea drink can make your mind more relaxed. Green tea contains amino acids that can reduce stress. The oxidation of green tea also helps to reduce early aging, relieve headaches, and helps to lose weight.

# Toulon tea

It is also called Sacred Basil and is one of the best herb that can be consumed. Basil can help reduce stress, stomach disease, inflammation and headaches. So through the consumption of tea that will be reduced stress. Now there are many different flavors of tea-scented, rose, cinnamon and ginger.

# Red tea

Red tea is herb tea with sweet taste, although it does not contain sugar at all. This tea comes from the African Red Bush plant and is naturally fermented, which makes the taste of sweetness. The benefits of red tea if consumed by humans can help wipe your skin, reduce stress, inflammation, and can help maintain heart health.

Relaxing Herbal Tea To Reduce Stress

# Shea Chai (skimmed)

This tea is one of the drinks that will make your body more relaxed and your brain. Chai tea consists of black tea, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, and some containing orange skin, according to the diversity and place of origin of this tea. All these spices are excellent for digestion, stress, pain, inflammation, and fatigue. Soothing tea and rejuvenating your body at the same time.
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# Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is a kind of tea which is fresh drink. Lemon tea or lemon tea is very good for digestion, eliminating headaches, inflammation, pain, stomach acid and reduces swelling.

# Lavender

Many who know that lavender helps to adjust the mood better. That makes you feel relaxed, but have you ever been in tea? Lavender flowers will also create a room from your home more fragrant, and it feels much more fresh than other tea.
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# Peppermint

Mint tea and tea are known for healthy digestion and relieve nausea, but this tea can also help to reduce stress. Mint tea helps your body feel relaxed.

Tea, other than as a source of nutrients needed by the body, can also help to improve mood. By taking some of the tea is a natural way to reduce stress. Relax at home, or in front of the House while enjoying a warm cup of tea is certainly going to make more of your brain and body relax and feel happy.


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