Middle Ear Infection (Acute Otitis Media)

Middle Ear Infection (Acute Otitis Media)

Middle Ear Infection – The middle ear is located behind the eardrum which is useful to transfer the sound captured by the outer ear and transmitted to the inner ear. Middle Ear infection should immediately get treatment because the infection is chronic. The symptoms that are caused to a person exposed to the infection of the middle ear are:

Ear infections Symptoms:

  • Hearing loss
  • Fever
  • Pain in the ear
Ear infections in due to several factors such as you can read below.

Cause middle ear infection : 

  • In the middle ear, there is a channel of the eustachian which connect to the nasal cavity. Usually this infection is caused by bacteria, the bacteria get into the middle ear through the channel teustachius. If the bacteria get into the ear can cause infections of the middle ear.
  • Channel blockage Occurs which is caused by the flu, if the channel is a dead end so bacteria can't get out of the middle ear and the ear infection will result in the middle part.
  • Infections of the middle ear more suffered by children and its main cause is the fngsi ear and Eustachian channels. Although all people have affected the risk of ear infections, but children have a greater risk than adults. This is because the eustachian channels owned by children are smaller and more horizontal. In addition children are also easily affected by diseases of the respiratory tract such as tightness affected by flu, stones, colds. Ear infections in this is not contagious, but bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted to allow the child to another. So children who live together in the shelter are more susceptible exposed middle ear infection, if one of them is suffering from an infection of the middle ear.
  • Having a weak immune system, decreased immune if the body is exposed to higher risk of allergy. Allergies also cause Eustachian channels so that will cause an infection of the middle ear.
Middle Ear Infection (Acute Otitis Media)
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Middle ear infection prevention

Prevention is indeed not be done 100 percent, but there are some actions that are recommended to lower the risk of middle ear infection, such as:
  • Keep kids from people suffering from respiratory tract infections and do not let children be in a small room with children suffering from ear infections. Because the virus can be transmitted through the air.
  • Prevent child not to drink in the position of lying down, and reduce the use of pacifiers. Because this can lead to ear infections.
  • Give pneumococcal vaccine and flu, to help prevent ear infections.
  • Other than by air, the virus causes respiratory tract infections are also easily transmitted through touch. Therefore, you should frequently wash children's hands and wash their toys.
  • Treat allergies in children
  • Give a good nutrient intake and break enough for children
  • Provide breast milk, due to the nature of the anti bacterial and anti germs. So as to prevent middle ear infections in children.

Middle ear infections Treatment in children

Ear infections in children can be cured by itself, but if severe need for dispensing of antibiotics. Antibiotic drugs can also be given to the children of young age, this is to help cure infections of the middle ear. in addition, that antibiotics can also reduce pain, fever and can prevent complications. If the fluid in the middle ear it's hard coming out, then the need for action to treat it.

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In addition, give ear drops that are not painful in recent weeks due to be held in the middle part of the ear. It should be also be given medications for nasal congestion to reduce the symptoms of the infection.


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