How To Prevent Cervical Cancer

How To Prevent Cervical Cancer

How To Prevent Cervical Cancer – Prevention is better than cure, everyone has a risk exposed to a disease. But the risks can be minimized by means of deterrence early on. This as with cervical cancer, for which type of cancer is also much feared by all women. Even cervical cancer often causes of death in women.

Many women are unaware of cervical cancer, cervical cancer symptoms plus more cannot be seen in the early stage. This is certainly makes them feel fine, and did not want to see a doctor. Not only for the prevention of a disease like cervical cancer, surely you must know the causes of cervical cancer.

So you can avoid all causes of cervical cancer. The main cause of cervical cancer is infection virus Human Papilloma (HPV). These types of viruses can be transmitted via s3*x. in addition, there are a few things that you need also to avoid to prevent cervical cancer.

Prevent Cervical Cancer

Stop smoking

Everyone already knows that smoking can cause a variety of cancers including cervical cancer. Women who smoke and are infected with the virus are infected with cervical cancer. Avoiding quitting is one way to prevent cervical cancer.

Don't have a lot of couples

Based on the results of the study, it has been found that women who are at risk of cervical cancer are significantly if having more couples. Because it will allow woman more easily affected by cervical cancer.

 Prevent Cervical Cancer

Use condom

Women that have a lot of couples, it is advisable to use condoms when performing S3*x this is to prevent cervical cancer and other transmission of diseases.

Pap smear routinely

Pap Smear is a screening can detect changes in the cervix as soon as possible before the cervical cells turn into cancer. This is an examination of cervical cancer screening (filter). Consult to your doctor when the time or schedule for Pap smear is the best for you.

Follow-up of abnormal cervical smear results

If you find abnormal results of Pap smear, then the next important step is any follow up what doctors recommend.
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HPV vaccination

An anti-virus vaccine will make the body to form antibodies against photoelectric viruses so that incoming viruses will be killed and not to cause cervical cancer. Young girls are given measures to prevent cervical cancer by such vaccination. The vaccine is more effective if it is given to unmarried young women.
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Every woman has a risk of cervical cancer including you, therefore to do prevention of cervical cancer at early stages. You can follow some of the ways of preventing cervical cancer as those above.


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