Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment – Excess sweating without any obvious cause can be annoying, due to excess sweating also causes a decline in confidence. Therefore have excess sweating you should immediately treat.

Sweat is beneficial to control the body temperature in order to be in balance with the environment, this is the process of metabolism. Sweat has a saltiness because contain the salt substances. Sweat liquids secreted by sweat glands. If sweat comes out without any cause is called hyperhidrosis sweat secretion, or may be caused by a disease.

The sweat coming out are grouped into two parts, namely primary and secondary focal hyperhidrosis general hyperhidrosis. The primary focal hyperhidrosis sweat occurs on certain body parts such as hands, underarms, thighs, fold the head, part of face and soles of the feet. The cause of this type of sweat is not a disease but is caused by nerve function.

While general secondary hyperhidrosis occur in all parts of the body and usually occurs at night. the secretion of sweat of this type are usually caused by several diseases such as menopause, heart, stroke, tuberculosis, diabetes, pregnancy, lung and cancer. The cause of the other sweat due to the use of medications and supplements, such as antibiotics, medicated hypertensi and others.

If you're having a strange thing on the secretion of sweat, it may be an indication of a disease. Therefore, immediate consultations to doctor. Things happened as below:
  • Excess Sweating at night
  • Sweat-increasing
  • Sweat on the entire excess body parts
  • Sweat only occurs in one part of the body, for example, occurs only on the sole of the right foot only.
  • Excess Sweating followed by other symptoms such as increased urine, cough or fatigue.
  • Excess Sweating without any cause to happen in a long time
If any of the above happens to you, then it is advisable to consult a doctor. To identify doable with some tests such as blood tests, urine tests, or test the thermoregulatory.

How To Treat Excess Sweating

If the excess sweat happens to you and comprehensively because it is caused by disease, then that is done is recognition and treatment of the case. For example, if the cause is thyroid disorders, then the action required is the treatment and implementation of the thyroid gland process. If this is the cause of the blood sugar problem in people with diabetes, then efforts can be made to reduce blood sugar to eliminate the excess sweat.

Excessive Sweating Treatment
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While excessive sweating that occurs in certain parts of the body can be addressed through the reduction of symptoms in several ways, such as giving Botox injections to stop the nervous activity that leads to the onset of heavy sweating. In addition, the ways you can do is to give a form of anti-sweat, lotion, spray or giving medications that can stop the sweat glands.

Another way to do is to implement the process. The process can be either to remove the ethnic glands or to cut the nerves in the chest that can cause excessive sweat. The excessive sweat treatments that temporarily suspend the sweat glands, this is ionic treatments that use low voltage energy supplies to switch from the function of the ethnic glands.

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Excess sweat very disturbing activity can even decrease confidence. Sweating profusely in the absence of triggers, this can also cause an unpleasant odor less. In addition, excessive sweating can also be caused by a disease. Therefore, if you experience excess perspiration and followed by other symptoms, you should consult a doctor.


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