Ear Pain Causes Of This

Ear Pain Causes Of This

Ear Pain Causes – Some people have experienced ear pain, and most of them lack of knowing what the cause is. Some of the things that cause ear pain is infection of the ear, but ear pain may also be caused by other factors.

The ear consists of 3 parts are outside the ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Where are the ears that have the function and role of each to capture the voice and forwarded to the brain by the nerves. Well, if one of the parts of the ear in trouble then it can interfere with hearing, or sound cannot be heard by the ear. But if the inner ear in trouble could lead to unbalanced on the hearing.

Here are some of the factors that can cause ear pain, if this happens your ears  feel sick.

Caused by Tinnitus

Tinnitus occurs when the condition of a person hears a buzzing in the ears, the sound source is originating from within the body. To resolve this problem, it can be done with the diagnosis of the cause of tinnitus. Here's the way:
  1. If it is caused by blood vessels, then will be how to deal with it by giving drugs or surgery.
  2. To reduce the symptoms of tinnitus could by removing ear wax.
  3. Tinnitus can be caused by drug use, thus replacing the drug can prevent the condition worse.
Causes of tinnitus:

The greatest cause of tinnitus is a hard sound. Therefore, to alleviate this condition, it can be done is as far as possible avoid sound too hard, such as the volume of the TV, the sound of a musical instrument, or heavy vehicles.

Caused by ear infections

Ear Pain Causes

75 percent of ear infections occur in children under three years of age. Ear infections often occur in the middle part, this is because the channel closed Eustachian or swelling caused by the large number of fluid in the middle ear. This clogged Eustachian channels caused by a few things such as smoking, mucus (flu), Allergy and sinus.

While the symptoms are caused due to this infection include ear pain, pain, hearing impaired, discharge of fluids from inside the ear. These ear infections can be cured by itself, but below are some tips that can help to speed up the healing of ear infections.
  1. Use a warm cloth to the experienced ear infection.
  2. Assisted with taking medication given by doctors
  3. Use ear drops to reduce pain
  4. Check with your doctor if your ear infection is not cured
Meniere's Disease

One of the causes of ear pain is the presence of this disease, meniere's disease is a condition where the disruption on one ear, this occurs due to abnormal fluid in his ears and can cause vertigo. Many of these diseases suffered by people who are between the ages of 40 years-50 years is generally treated with drugs to treat vertigo, a shot at the middle part of the ear, or surgery. But of course this procedure can only be performed by a specialist.

Ear Barotrauma

This condition is due to an injury to the ear due to changes in pressure when mountain climbing, fly, or dives at a certain depth. Hearing is gone, the ear feels dead end, even pain, and also head dizziness a symptom caused.
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Reduced hearing could also be influenced by the age factor, trauma, often heard loud noises, and consuming certain medications. Therefore the following several ways to maintain the health of the ear to avoid various problems of ears.
  1. Don't listen to music using earphone in a long time
  2. Do not listen to loud in a long time for example music, or heavy equipment
  3. Do not clean the ears with a cotton bud, because dirt moved into the ear rather than out of the ear.
  4. Stay away from loudspeakers
If you are having more serious ear problems, so check with your ear to a specialist. That’s all some cause of ear pain that can happen to anyone.


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