Cervical Cancer Vaccine Would Need To Be Given

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Would Need To Be Given

The number of cervical cancer patients is increasing every year. The main cause of cervical cancer HPV virus is transmitted through se*x*ual. See cervical cancer is the second type of cancer which threatens women after breast cancer. Contagion of cervical cancer is caused due to less healthy relationships, and supported by an unhealthy lifestyle. Cervical cancer can cause hazard of death, therefore do prevention early on.

One of the most appropriate ways to prevent cervical cancer, giving vaccine cervical cancer. The vaccine is urgently needed because to reduce the impact of cervical cancer globally. Cervical cancer Human Papilloma Virus resulting from (HPV). HPV is a group of viruses, these viruses are divided into two virus low risk and high risk. Low risk may only cause warts while the high risk associated with cancer.

You have to concern is the HPV virus in the early stages has no symptoms, so it is difficult to know people affected by cervical cancer without any medical examination like pap smears and others. Cervical cancer can be prevented by way of healthy living patterns, not often change spouses, quitting smoking, and quit consuming illegal drugs, because it all can trigger cervical cancer.

In addition to prevention conducted they can also with factors such as the grant of a cervical cancer vaccine. This vaccine will protect you from the HPV virus.

When you give a cervical cancer vaccine?

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Administered the cervical cancer vaccine for girls and boys aged 11 to 12 years, although it can be submitted since the age of nine. It is very important for girls and boys to receive a vaccine before they have se*x*ual intercourse and are infected with the virus. Once infected, the vaccine may not be effective or may not work at all. Moreover, vaccine management at an early age has a better response than in old age.

If the dose of the vaccine is not three strings ending at the age of 11 to 12, the CDC recommends that girls, women up to the age of 26, boys and men up to 21 years of age receive the vaccine. However, men can get a photoelectric vaccine until the age of 26 if desired.
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The second vaccine is presented as a series of three injections within six months. The second dose is given after the first dose to two months or more, and the third dose is given six months after the first dose.

The cervical cancer vaccine will also benefit when it is given to persons who are already engaged in se*x*ual activity, although these vaccines cannot treat cervical cancer, but can prevent some strains of the disease that have not been affected.

Side effects of cervical cancer:

  • Head dizziness
  • Fver
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The awarding of the cervical cancer vaccine outside the recommended age

The infection caused by this disease is spread through se*x*ual intercourse to protect yourself from the indirect violence of the couple not another intimate relationship, not intercourse outside the marriage before the exam. Maybe the guy to be able to spread the photoelectric infection because he ever had relationships with women with diseases who suffer from HIV infection then get in touch with his wife, the risk of cervical cancer can occur. Besides, no smoking, Smoking increases the risk of cervical cancer. You have to do healthy lifestyles can affect the reduction of the risk of cervical cancer.

Next, the hepatitis B vaccine is one of the only prevention of human papilloma virus, while a protective case can be made other by following a healthy lifestyle and not practicing intercourse at an early age, rotating a couple and reducing bad habits such as drinking alcohol and also reducing the habit of smoking in women. This would reduce the risk of cervical cancer, along with medically-related reproductive examination, to be done. Pap Smear is one of the inspection that can be done to find out viral photoelectric infection.

Cervical cancer vaccine do not given to women who are pregnant

The cervical cancer vaccine is not recommended for pregnant, sick or heavy patients. You can tell your doctor if you have severe allergies, including allergies to yeast. Also, if you already have a life that threatens to be allergic to a previous dose of vaccine or a component of a vaccine, you shouldn't get the vaccine.


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