Cervical Cancer Symptoms Or Sign

Cervical Cancer Symptoms Or Sign

Signs of cervical cancer – Sign or symptom of cervical cancer could not be seen. Cervical cancer symptoms may also also did not show up at the stadium. This makes a lot of women do not know that there is a cervical cancer in her uterus. Cervical cancer symptoms will appear when it's severe or late stage. Well, to prevent cervical cancer you should be checked early and regularly, as it is important to know or capture the cell pre cancer and at the same time for prevention.

Pap smear or cervical cancer test must be diligently carried out by every adult woman, because with a pap smear will look for signs of cervical cancer. Some of the symptoms that may occur in women suffering from cervical cancer is abnormal bleeding occurs at v4g1n4, or bleeding after m4k1ng L0v3, bleeding outside the period of menstruation. Abnormal bleeding in the v4g1n4 could be one of the cervical cancer symptoms. While other symptoms which might be posed is:

Symptoms of cervical cancer

  • Pain Occurred when m4k1ng L0v3
  • The strange liquid coming out from inside the v4g1n4 and mixed blood
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle, abnormal menstruation occurs more than one month.
Symptoms of cervical cancer

Symptoms of cervical cancer at the stadium (end stage)

  • Change of the frequency of urination and defecation
  • Abnormal bleeding Occurs
  • There is blood in the urine
  • Body into skinny
  • Bones feels the pain
  • One foot swelling
  • Reduced appetite
  • In the lower abdomen pain
  • Around the cervical cancer pain as in the hip or at the waist, this is due to swelling in the kidneys.
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In addition to breast cancer, cervical cancer is also feared by all the women in this world. Because cervical cancer at early stages do not cause symptoms, so it is difficult. The only way to detect cervical cancer is through a pap smear test. Results from a pap smear will indicate whether there is cervical cancer cells or not. We recommend that you routinely pap smears at least 6 months.
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However, if you are already experiencing some of the symptoms such as those above, then immediately go to the doctor. In order to quickly get the handling. If it is not caused by cervical cancer, at least you know what the cause for sure of symptoms that arise on your self.


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