Caffeine Side Effect

Caffeine Side Effect

Caffeine Side Effect – Caffeine easily once obtained because it comes from the kind of delicious drinks such as coffee, tea, chocolate and soda. There are around 80 percent more people consume caffeine every day. The caffeine in the body will be absorbed by after approximately 35 minutes later cause side effects of caffeine. Side effects of caffeine will be lost during the time of 3 hours. Caffeine causes addiction, no wonder if the fans coffee drinks are hard to separate from coffee.

If consuming high levels of caffeine can trigger increase mood and lead to addiction. The caffeine in the body has two sides that is beneficial for health and side effects of caffeine can impact less well against the body.

Here are some of the side effects of caffeine

  • Consuming a lot of caffeine has a bad effect on the bones. Caffeine causes spending in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace minerals through the urine, which can lead to osteoporosis. The side effects of caffeine affect the functions of the heart, the steroids, the decaf and the increase in heart rate. Increasing heart rate will also lead to blood pressure. Caffeine also contributes to the development of heart disease because caffeine increases the level of cholesterol is also a chemical called Homocystein, which has been linked to heart attacks.
  • Caffeine causes addiction, so when you stop consuming caffeine you will cause headache, drowsiness, irritability, and anxiety due to chemical brain control.
  • Increased gastric acid, the caffeine causes the stomach produced hydrochloric acid (HCL) additions, which creates a growing risk of ulcer, heartburn, and esophageal reflux.
  • The effect of caffeine on the mood of adults as well as children. Disorders-mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger, and attention disorder will be more acute when consuming excess caffeine. Mood disorders may appear after the effects of the steroids of coffee and gone after 3 hours, when a caffeine addict to improve again.
  • Caffeine effect on blood sugar. Caffeine stimulates a temporary mutation in blood sugar, creating a rapid increase in energy, but an increase in blood glucose effects rise in insulin, which eventually led to a change in sugar levels within hours. High and low blood glucose can lead to diabetes, hypoglycemia, and overweight due to the body's insulin to store excess fat sugar for you.
  • Caffeine causes irregular sleep patterns. Caffeine is a tonic; caffeine stays you to stay awake for a longer time, next reduce the amount and quality of sleep every night that will be annoying level of vigilance for you tomorrow and your public health. Due to lack of sleep and fatigue, someone may be looking for caffeine to increase in energy.
  • Caffeine speeds up aging, caffeine contributes to lower production of hormones that are produced during the young age of Dhia, melatonin, and other things that will accelerate the aging process. Since caffeine keeps the body hydrated, the skin even loses water from cellular cells, causing the wrinkle and loss of flexibility.
  • Caffeine leads spending stress-hormones cortisol adrenal gland (adrenal gland)-which can increase the level of anxiety, irritability, muscle pressure, indigestion, insomnia, and low immunities. The active adrenal glands can eventually lead to the depletion of the adrenal gland, which makes someone susceptible to various illnesses including autoimmune disorders, disorders and inflammation. Due to high levels of stress in chronic hormones, caffeine consumption can cause inability to make the response-a healthy response against stressful situations that are common in everyday life.
  • Caffeine increases the risk of disturbances in men's and women's health. Studies indicate that caffeine increases the risks of prostate and urinary disorders among men. In women, fibroid diseases, menstrual role, osteoporosis, fertility problems, abortions, low birth weight babies, menopause problems such as hot flashes are aggravated by caffeine.
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That's the caffeine side effects. So caffeine isn't getting your health worsen, then don't consume caffeine excessively. You need to know is addicted to drink caffeine will increase even more. Talking about caffeine is indeed full of pros and cons. However important identify yourself mainly your health. Does caffeine causes significant worst influence for your body or not, and don't forget the consulting to doctor.


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