Broccoli Benefits Weight Loss

Broccoli Benefits Weight Loss

Broccoli Benefits Weight Loss – Broccoli is the best food for your health that is beneficial for weight loss and reduce the risk of cancer. So for those of you who are less like to eat this vegetable can be considered.

Broccoli is very tasty for a cuisine, especially recommended for people who want to have ideal posture. The content of an important compound in broccoli like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium, iron and calcium. Where these compounds have important roles in the body. Lack of such compounds can be ensured to be experiencing health problems.

In addition, broccoli also contains fiber and folate, which can help the digestive system to have an impact on weight loss. in science, the benefits of broccoli for weight loss has been proven by research conducted at the Kanazawa University in Japan. The results of the study found that mice fed a diet high in fat and also given sulforaphane, one of the chemical substances contained in broccoli and the result did not experience an increase in weight.

While other studies have shown that two groups of mice given a high-fat diet first coupled with sulforaphane. While the other group was given a high-fat diet coupled with sulforaphane, however without being given sulforaphane. The result is that the first group of mice have an increased weight 15%, whereas the second group experienced an increase in weight of 20%.

From the above research shows that sulforaphane substance found in broccoli, can help keep the weight off. Because these substances trigger fat burning and energy more, it also helps to balance the bacteria in the gut. For those of you who frequently excessive food that has a high fat content then you should consume broccoli.
Broccoli Benefits Weight Loss

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Other results of the utilization of sulforaphane is helping inflammation in organs such as the liver and insulin resistance. While other research shows that sulforaphane can fight cancer. It is, as has been done by Oregon State University research, stating that sulforaphane is able to kill cancer cells and prevent the progression of the cancer to other parts of the body.

Research conducted at the University of Illinois College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences also stated that mice that were fed the broccoli turned out to have a better heart function compared with mice not given broccoli.

Now, you already know the benefits of broccoli to lose weight and also to prevent cancer as well as maintaining the health hearts. The body's organs so that others will also keep working at maximum, as there are no problems with the heart and the loss of flab.
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In order to obtain maximum nutrient content of broccoli is cooking the right way. For if to cultivate broccoli with way less can actually damage the content of broccoli, and certainly the benefits are also insufficient for the body. cook broccoli with steamed broccoli content would make intact especially sulforaphane content.

From now on, you must specify the broccoli into your daily menu. Don't forget to find broccoli is good and still fresh. It would be more palatable eaten and his nutritional content is still perfect.


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