Vitamin A Side Effects And Excess

Vitamin A Side Effects And Excess

Vitamin A Side Effects – You know, anything exaggeration is certainly not good, though they consume nutrients such as vitamin A. vitamin A deficiency can lead to bad things on health and vice versa. Vitamin A which is very beneficial for our body especially for our eyes, it should be kept. So that the body does not lack vitamin A, then you should consume per day of vitamin A. To get vitamin A, you should eat foods that are rich in vitamin A such as fruits, vegetables, supplements and more.

Every day is recommended to consume vitamin A because of this to keep the balance of nutrients of the body. in order not to give the bad effect on health and stay safe then consume vitamin A should be in accordance with the dose recommended by your physician or experts. Effects of vitamin A deficiency can cause impaired vision i.e. eyes, skin health declines and others. Side effects of vitamin A may not give a serious impact. But if excessive consume this vitamin at high doses in the long run it will be harmful to the body.

Excess vitamin A usually occurs because people less know the side effects of vitamin A. They just know for benefits of vitamin A is very good for health. So they consume excessive vitamin A in order to get the maximum benefits of vitamin A. Vitamin A Excess that happens in long periods of time can cause the symptoms worse, as you can read below.
Excess vitamin A can trigger cancer

Vitamin A is stored in the liver will make organ work optimally for the levels of vitamin A is not excessive. If the levels of vitamin A is too high then it can damage organs, especially the liver. Cancer due to excess vitamin A is prostate cancer.

Excess vitamin A can cause osteoporosis

The results showed that excess vitamin A can trigger the activity of osteoclast cells that arise or elaborate on the bone. Consume vitamin A more than 1500 micrograms/day or up to 3000 micro-grams/day can cause abnormalities in the bone at the age of growth or old age.

The symptoms that may occur due to excess vitamin A in a long period of time

Vitamin A Side Effects And Excess

Consuming vitamin A with high doses for a long time can result in an adverse effect on the body like eyes blur, body weakness, headaches, stomach feels nauseous, your appetite decreases, osteoporosis. It also will impact badly on beauty such as hair loss and skin abnormalities occur. While excess vitamin A in acute will increase the amount of calcium, kidney disorders, liver disorders, prostate cancer.
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The symptoms that arise in adults if consuming an excess of vitamin A

Vitamin A intake for adults is no more than 3000 mg/day. If the daily consumption of vitamin A more than that number then it will be bad on the health of adults such as headache, nausea, dizziness, stomach of sight less sharp and more.

Symptoms that may arise in women who consume excessive vitamin A

Women believe that the body needs the nutrients more especially when pregnant, it is of course they consume a lot of vitamins and supplements. The pregnant woman was indeed need nutrients more than other women are true, but just the vitamin should remain a reference, so as not to exceed the recommended consumption of vitamins including vitamin A. vitamin A requirement for women is 500 MCG, if consumption more, then it can cause symptoms such as irritability and decreased appetite.

The symptoms that arise if newborn vitamin A excess

There are two possibilities that occur to excess vitamin A on the baby after birth and before birth. An excess of vitamin A on the gestation the fetus at the age 3 to 6 months can cause defects such as enlargement of the head, hydrocephalus. These babies deformed due to excess intake of vitamin A more occurred during the first half of pregnancy or about the first 3 months and the first 6 months. Therefore, avoid excessive supplements at the time. If excess vitamin A in infants who have been born happened in accordance on the bulge of the cantle but is only temporary until the intake of vitamin A supplementation is stopped.

Vitamin A is very needed by the body for all the organs are healthy and can work optimally, especially for the eyes, when consume in the normal dose or correspond to the recommended dose. When consuming vitamin A too much for a long time will certainly cause adverse effect on health.


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