Vitamin K Side Effects And The Dangers Of Excess

Vitamin K Side Effects And The Dangers Of Excess

Vitamin K Side Effects – There are 3 types of vitamin K, they are vitamin K1, vitamin K2 and vitamin K3. The benefits of vitamin K is helping the process of blood clotting so that in case of bleeding will quickly stopped. Vitamin K absorption occurs in the intestine which assisted with bile and pancreatic fluids. Vitamin K in addition beneficial for health as well as to maintain the beauty. Refer to the type of vitamin that is great for skin care.

To meet the vitamin K intake to the body, you should consume types of food rich in vitamin k. Vitamin K 1 obtained from vegetables, vitamin K2 is obtained from fish and meat, while vitamin K3 is synthetic, so vitamin K3 allows going overboard in the blood.

Causes Of Excess Vitamin K

That often happens is the advantages of synthetic vitamin K or vitamin K3, because this vitamin is mostly obtained from supplements. Vitamin K which is consumed in normal doses probably won't cause any harmful side effects. But the result of a wrong usage, this is often the cause of excess vitamin k. vitamin K3 Though good for health, you should still keep the measure. If the excess vitamin K inflicts bad effects then immediately stop the consumption of vitamin K supplements. Well, what if there is an excess of vitamin K in a time period long enough?

The symptoms that arise when an excess of vitamin K

Vitamin K consumption is excessive it will give negative side effects on the body, such as wanting to vomit, stomach feels nausea, anemia, diarrhea and so on.

1.    Hemolysis Of Red Blood Cells

Hemolysis is the membrane of erythrocytes and hemoglobin, which breaks free into the surrounding medium. Hemolysis happens because two reasons namely intrinsic and extrinsic. If this is the case will trigger increased Serum HDL and superior Subsegment dropped. In addition, it causes hemolysis is because vitamin K toxicity, due to the use of drugs.

2.    Embossed Jaundice

Symptoms of jaundice is this change occurred on white eyeballs turned into yellowish skin discoloration occurs, increased bilirubin. This disease is also caused due to excess vitamin K, and jaundice is common in newborn babies.
3.    Cause damage to the brain

Vitamin K Side Effects

Due to the nature of this vitamin K is a fat-soluble, so to be in storage in the liver. If excessive levels of vitamin K, of course will make the heart work became increasingly heavy. And if this causes the expenditure of bilirubin are not in place. And result in skin and eye color change. In addition, excess vitamin K can also cause damage to the brain.

For 40% of vitamin K are absorbed by the body will be issued via the bile and 20% expelled through the urine. But the levels of this vitmain K3 or synthesis have reached 90% obtained from natural foods. If coupled with consume supplements then it could cause toxins in the liver and will be disseminated throughout the body including the brain. If the toxins in the brain then will trigger brain damage.

This can be summed up under the if someone suffering from jaundice it is possible also to brain damage. Causes of eye diseases are related to the brain. If there is serious due to excess vitamin K then consult a doctor immediately and discontinue the use of supplements.

Excess vitamin K can be fatal to the health of the body. Indeed the rare case of a deficiency of vitamin K, but if symptoms such as mentioned above happens to you then immediately see a doctor.
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