Vitamin E Side Effects

Vitamin E Side Effects

Vitamin E is already known to many people, providing tremendous benefits both for health and for beauty. Benefits of vitamin E can be obtained at the maximum each day by consuming vegetables, fruits, supplements and foods that contain high vitamin E.

Vitamin E will provide positive benefits to the body for consumed in doses that are safe. Many people only want to know about the benefits of vitamin E, and few people want to know about the side effects of vitamin E. Consuming vitamin E in normal doses may not provide a significant impact, but if consumed excessively can cause adverse effect on the health of the body.

The recommended dosage consume vitamin E is 15 milligrams per day. Although vitamin E consumed by pregnant and nursing mothers will remain safe if the levels of vitamin E in the body in accordance with the recommended rate. For pregnant women are advised consume when the pregnancy started to enter the 4 months of age. This is to avoid an adverse effect on the fetus due to the consumption of vitamin E. If you are doubt, for pregnant women, please consult the doctor.

Consume vitamin E in high doses over than 400UI per day will probably give rise to effects that are dangerous for patients with diabetes and heart disease. Or give a worse effect if the dose of vitamin E consumed higher. The following side effects may occur if consuming vitamin E in high doses.

Vitamin E Side Effects

Side effects of vitamin E

Causes Of Prostate Cancer

Although currently overdosing in vitamin E can cause cancer prostan is still a debate among the experts. But the results showed that consuming vitamin E along with other vitamins consume in high doses can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men.

It can cause Stroke Hemorrhagic

Type this very dangerous stroke i.e. bleeding occurs in the brain, one cause is excess consumption of vitamin e. research results exposed that consuming vitamin E of 300UI up to 800UI per day can lead to the possibility of 22% stroke hemorrhagic. And vice versa possible effects of this vitamin E can reduce the risk of ischemic stroke that is happening the blockage of blood vessels (blood freezing) in the brain.
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Other side effects

Vitamin E consumed more than the normal limit can cause health problems such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, stomach cramps, the body feels more tired, feels limp, impaired vision, dizziness, bleeding and Red patches on the skin.

Meet the intake of vitamin E is highly recommended in order to stay awake and making health organs working properly. The consumption of vitamin E is safe as long as it does not exceed the recommended dose limits. So please consume vitamin E is based on the levels recommended by the experts.


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