Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin E Deficiency – Vitamin E has very important function as antioxidants to fight cancer. Because of its fat soluble, so it is very good for prevention of skin cancer. Skin is very vulnerable with free radicals that are difficult to be avoided. Therefore, vitamin E needs to be met every day as another type of vitamin. vitamin E also has an important role, especially in terms of health and beauty. Vitamin E belongs to essential vitamins which cannot be produced by the body, so to get this vitamin E intake you should consume foods containing vitamin E or supplements.

To get vitamin E is not hard because thera are a lot of foods such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E sources are on milk, eggs, beans, nuts, strawberry, sunflower seeds and bananas. Some foods that contain high vitamin E enough and you can take advantage from them to meet your daily nutrient intake.

That often happens to us is the lack of awareness on all the food we eat every day. Most of the people do not pay attention to the nutritional value, they only give priority to the food taste. The bustle and routines are also often makes us forget with the nutrients we should be intake into the body, such as vitamin E.

Consume vitamin E in doses recommended will provide exceptional health effects. But the excess vitamin E will also give you the impact is not good on the health of the body and also beauty. If the body is deficient in vitamin E intake could cause negative effects on the health of the body. It can even trigger a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart and stroke. The following is the impact due to deficiency of vitamin E.

Vitamin E Deficiency

Symptoms of Vitamin E Deficiency

Symptoms that appear when the body is deficient in vitamin E are reducing coordination, hard to walk, weak muscle, and eye movement is compromised. Other symptoms that arise is the head felt dizzy and nauseous.
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The impact of vitamin E deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin E can provide such a dangerous impact on the nervous system and muscles. Damaged to the nervous system and muscles are caused because the red blood cells are broken and torn. The impact of vitamin E deficiency also contained on the disorders of the eye like cataracts. A lack of vitamin E in the body will also cause less brain function optimally, and result in bad on fertility. Because of the important benefits of vitamin E is to increase fertility.

If a pregnant woman who is experiencing a shortage of vitamin E may be causing babies born premature and at risk on the vision in infants. While for the children if the deficiency of vitamin E have a risk of obstruction of the intestine, abnormalities in the nervous system.

Such dangers due to deficiency of vitamin E, therefore, we should be aware of with every food we consume. One of them is to maintain the levels of vitamin E in the body to keep it balanced. You need to remember that vitamin E must be consumed in doses recommended that it is safe for the body.


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