Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A Deficiency - Needs of a substance in the body must be balanced, if the substance is an excess or a deficiency will definitely give negative impact. Well, this is Excess vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency will affect organs. Impacts that arise may be seen on the eye and there is also the impact which is not visible to the eye.

Previously we have review the impact of excess vitamin A and vitamin A benefits. In this article we will give symptoms resulting from lack of vitamin a. vitamin A sources easily we encounter around the us, such as fruits and vegetables. For some people who are less fond of fruits and vegetables, they can take a vitamin A supplement instead. You need to remember the vitamin A deficiency is one of the causes of the disease. What are the impacts if the body is deficient in vitamin A intake. Following is several complaints due to vitamin A deficiency.

Due to vitamin A deficiency

Acute respiratory tract disorders is one of the consequences of vitamin A deficiency. Lung disease suffered by many adults. But it is very possible in infants associated deficiency of vitamin A. Vitamin A has a very important role for T cells and T cell function. While is to help boost the immune system. Therefore, in case of vitamin A deficiency then any T cells will also be weak and susceptible to disease one is the respiratory tract disorders.
Disorders of the eye vision

As we know that vitamin A is closely related to eye health. For maintaining eye health is a major benefit of vitamin A. You can imagine if the intake of vitamin A deficiency, surely will be bad on the eyes. Symptoms arising due to vitamin A deficiency is dry eye (xeropthalmia) that occur abnormality in the mucous membranes of eyes and clear membranes of the eye.

Cause disturbances in the digestive

Functions of vitamin A is for water absorption in the intestines and colon, so strengthened the case of vitamin A deficiency, it will negatively affect to the intestines. The less water absorption maximum in the intestines is certainly going to cause infection in the bladder.

Cause skin diseases

Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that are good for skin care. Therefore, if vitamin A deficiency will also negatively affect to the skin. One of the consequences of vitamin A deficiency for the skin mucus production is declining. So the cell regeneration will be replaced with epithelial cells resulting in skin look dry and scaly. Vitamin A deficiency also results in cell membrane dry and rough and if it happens then it is difficult to heal wounds.

Stunted growth

Vitamin A also have an effect on bone health, i.e. Forms a protein on vitamin A to help the production of new cells in bones and teeth. Vitamin A deficiency also causes a lack of collagen, so will inhibit growth.

Negative effect deficiency vitamin A for newborn baby

One of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency is if the baby is born with a weight below the average. Perhaps this happens because when the mother was pregnant less intake of vitamin A. If this is the case then for his help is the baby should be immediately given vitamin A intake to avoid corneal xerosis and shortsighted.

Vitamin A is needed by the body, because vitamin A has a very important role for maintaining health and beauty also. Therefore, we should've always keep the intake of vitamin A are met every day. Vitamin A deficiency gives bad effects as mentioned above. The consumption of vitamin A in accordance with the suggestion to keep it safe for the body.


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