Vitamin D Side Effects

Vitamin D Side Effects

One of the fat-soluble vitamin is vitamin D. Vitamin D is also one of the vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body. Several time ago we have reviewed about the benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D is composed of five types of vitamins namely vitamin D1, vitamin D2, vitamin D3, vitamin D4 and vitamin D5 . One of its main functions is to keep the levels of calcium and phosphorus which are badly needed by the bone. Types of vitamin D is obtained from sunlight is vitamin D3 while vitamin D2 is obtained from food and supplements.

Absorption of calcium can run smoothly if vitamin D intake balanced.This is necessary particularly in the age of growth. In addition the function of vitamin D also controls the nervous system in order to work optimally. If vitamin D needs are met, allows one to avoid prostate cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. Pregnant women can consume vitamin D to help the growth of the fetus, but before consuming vitamin D should be consulted to your doctor first. Source of vitamin D from food is milk and cheese.

Although vitamin D has a very important role for the body, but if consuming excessive vitamin D will also cause side effects that are harmful to the body.

Excess vitamin D

Vitamin D consumed in the right dosage can provide tremendous benefits, but rather if doses exceeding provisions could impact badly on health. the recommended dose of vitamin D for children age one year is 2000UI. If consuming vitamin D is not based on the provisions could lead to hyper-avitaminosis D i.e. the levels of calcium in the blood is increased. Even the excess vitamin D can also cause osteoporosis.

The impact of excess vitamin D in the kidneys

One of the causes of kidney stones is an excess of vitamin D, calcium levels are too high will effect bad kidneys. Even more severe led to kidney failure.

The impact of excess vitamin D in nursing mothers

A mother who is breast-feeding nutritional balance is very important to note. Because this will affect for the baby, one of the essential nutrients that have to be obtained is vitamin D. Vitamin D will give you a good advantage for the mother and baby consume in normal doses. If the overdoses of taking vitamin D will give you side effects such as seizures and symptoms occur, and hypocalcemia.

Vitamin D Side Effects
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The impact of excess vitamin D on the heart

Calcium levels are unbalanced will also effect on the rhythm of the heart rate. If high calcium levels in the blood, calcium deposit will add on the heart and lungs. So the work of the heart and lungs will be disturbed. And if the cardiovascular system blocked blood vessels can cause high blood pressure and more dangerous again going on a heart attack.

The impact of excess vitamin D in pregnant women

Vitamin D needs remains to be fulfilled for pregnant women, because this will help the growth of the fetus. But if consuming excessive levels affect not good on the fetus.

Vitamin D is the same as the other types of vitamins that has an important role and function in the human body in order to remain healthy. Most of us are unaware that consume excessive vitamins will give effects harmful to health.
That's the side effects of vitamin D, hopefully by this review we are more cautious in consuming vitamins.


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