Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin C Deficiency – Most people only know that a lack of vitamin C will cause canker sores, dry lips and chapped, whereas deficiency of vitamin C can be fatal and even worse than that. The shortage is caused by many factors, but the experts stated under the smoking will lose vitamin C less 25 percent more than those who do not smoke anymore. And people who have the habit of drinking 4*lc0h0l is also one of the causes of the vitamin C deficiency.

Therefore, if you want the levels of vitamin C in your blood is not low then avoid that bad habits. The body is in need of vitamin C as an antioxidant substance that will fight the cancer cells and improve the durability of the body as well as many other benefits. If a deficiency of vitamin C will lead to various diseases such as the following.

The impact of vitamin C deficiency

The body susceptible to disease

If a deficiency of vitamin C the body will experience a decline in the immune system, and make the body more weak and getting sick easily. One result of this vitamin C deficiency is anemia which makes the body felt limp, drowsiness, lack of energy and finally the pain. The symptoms arises when a deficiency of vitamin C is happening on the gums inflammation, joint pain, dry skin, and body durability decreases. In addition, the lack of vitamin C also increases the risk of coronary artery disease, cancer, stroke, cataracts, and others.

Vulnerable to getting infected

Deficient in vitamin C has body weak resistance, so easily exposed to infection caused by bacteria and viruses. If the immune system is weak so it will cause dizziness, coughing, flue, fever, and infection in the body.

Skin wounds and bruises easily

Skin bruises or injuries could be caused by a deficiency of vitamin C levels in the body, and convalescing also takes a longer time to recover. If you have bruising and difficult to be cured, then chances are your lack of vitamin C. If the the body gets deficiency of vitamin C then a collagen production is also not optimal so wound healing takes time slower.

Affect mood

People who lack vitamin C is easily depressed and irritable. It is based on the research, found that vitamin C can help reduce stress and psychological effects. So vitamin C is needed to keep the mood or psychological. A study in Germany also stated that 120 people were asked to perform combined with solving a math problem. Most of those examined were given vitamin C of 1,000 mg.

And the result is such signs of stress in the form of increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and high blood pressure, significantly more of those not given supplements of vitamin C. Whereas those who get supplements of vitamin C was recorded had a smaller risk exposed to stress compared to 38 who did not receive vitamin C. Therefore, the researchers believe that vitamin C is very important in the management of stress.
Cause Anemia

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms
A deficiency of vitamin C is one of the trigger anemia, anemia is iron deficiency while vitamin C serves to help the process of absorption of iron. Therefore, when the body less intake of vitamin C then the absorption of iron is not able optimally and will cause anemia.

Causes Of Dry Skin Problem

Vitamin C also plays a role in terms of the beauty of the skin, as it has been reviewed previously there are some vitamins that are good for the skin of one of them is vitamin C. Symptoms arise skin scaly, dry skin, rough skin and others we recommend, then the possible deficiency of vitamin C for skin care vitamin C consumption, reduce the skin exposed to the Sun, use a beauty cream.
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Neurologic diseases

According to experts, there is a correlation between lack of vitamin C with neurological problems. According the results of research conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to mice that had been genetically engineered to turn off genes, which regulate the amount of vitamin C in rats can live healthy again after taking vitamin C Ascorbic acid (AA) in akstrinal. In this study, researchers also need to establish a system for the period, which gives the researchers deliberately AA late in mice.

Before and after that period, the researchers took blood samples, taking into account the patterns of behavior of rats under consideration. At the beginning of the decline of AA in the body, the mice suffered from depression, and behavior is strong enough to consume more foods that contain sugar. Having lost the mice actually AA for the second time, blood samples from the mice showed lower levels of blood sugar and fat and protein oxidative damage, loss of dopamine and serotonin metabolite. Research findings of nerve damage has occurred. Neurological problems, physiological and psychological extremes due to deficiency of vitamin C, the body gradually recover if needed fill back vitamin C.

Cause Heart Attacks

Based on the results of research that the consumption of 300 milligrams of vitamin C daily is able to reduce the risk of heart disease. Search results from Denmark also stated that the main reason why people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables lower the risk of heart disease and early death, was because of the high levels of vitamin C in the body. Danish study that involves more than 100,000 people, the results of his research found that people who had higher intake of fruits and vegetables, and lower risk of 15 percent are affected by heart disease, as well as about 20 percent lower risk of premature death. Research reveals high levels of vitamin C can reduce the risk of heart disease.

In 2008, study from Cambridge University states that high levels of vitamin C reduces the risk of stroke by 42 percent. A similar study found in 1995 "British medical journal" results to parents with low levels of vitamin D had a greater risk of stroke. "According to Dr Stephen Sinatra, vitamin c is essential for the health of your heart. Vitamin C can increase the glutathione antioxidant.

The main function of glutathione is to protect the cells of the body to remove toxins, make use of energy in the body, prevention of diseases associated with aging. Glutathione and can also remove toxins from the body cells, as well as provide protection from radiation damage effects and chemicals, and environmental pollution. Please note that the ability of the body to produce glutathione reduced material along with aging. This is the reason why vitamin C is very important it consumes when you age getting older.
That's some of the symptoms and consequences of vitamin C deficiency, therefore the consumption of vitamin C on a routine basis and consider dose usage.


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