The Dangers of Excess Vitamin C

The Dangers of Excess Vitamin C

In previous posts we have review about the benefits of vitamin C, such as instrumental to improve cancer prevention imum system due to free radicals and so on. Consume vitamin C is to be done every day to the resilience of the body stay awake. But consume vitamin C also exist a rule. Where dose consume vitamin C should correspond to that recommended by the experts. You need to know that the body absorbs vitamin C is only based on the needs of the course. If an excess of it will be thrown away along with the urine.

Excess vitamin C in the body will make your kidneys work harder, and can even cause kidney damage. Therefore fill your intake of vitamin C to taste only. Vitamin C is best obtained from consuming fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, so if you don't just rely on supplements of vitamin C alone, without eating fruit and vegetables. Food sources rich in vitamin C such as oranges, broccoli, pineapple, tomatoes and more.

Vitamin C is also believed to be able to help your beauty, so now there is a shot of vitamin C for beauty. If excess doses of the granting of a supplement of vitamin C that is too high will lead to health problems. You need to know is how much the number of nutrition including vitamins are good for the body. Nutrient intake (including vitamin C) it can be different depending on the age, gender and body condition. If the condition of the body is in need of then can be given a higher vitamin C intake, but instead if just to keep the balance then the consumption of vitamin C never too excessive.

Recommending the consumption of vitamin C based on the suggested provisions are:
  • For children age 7 to 9 years with vitamin C needs of 45gm per day
  • For male teens age needs vitamin C by 50 up to 75 gm per day
  • For the age of teenage male needs vitamin C by 50 up to 65 gm per day
  • For an adult male of age needs vitamin C by 90 gm per day
  • For adult women need vitamin C by 90 gm per day
  • For pregnant women given supplemental vitamin C intake of 10 mg per day
  • For nursing mothers need vitamin C 25 mg per day.
To meet the vitamin intake is better obtained from consumption of fruit and vegetables, for example for people age adult who needs vitamin C is 90 mg per day then can consume 2 Orange per day. When consuming vitamin C, it may not pose negative effect too. But if the vitamin C consumed in higher amounts can give effect is not good for health.

The Dangers of Excess Vitamin C
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During consume vitamin C in normal doses do not cause significant side effects. However, serious side effects sometimes occur if consuming vitamin C at higher doses. For adults, the recommendation of intake of dietary vitamin C reference is 65-90 mg/day, and for the upper limit is 2,000 mg/day. What happens if the excessive consumption of vitamin C? Here are some of the symptoms due to excess doses of vitamin C.

Symptoms Of Excess Vitamin C:
  • Jika mengkonsumsi vitamin C berlebihan maka akan menyebabkan tubuh sulit untuk menyerap vitamin B12, sedangkan vitamin B12 sangat diperlukan untuk sistem syaraf.
  • Dapat menyebabkan iritasi pada lambung, diare, dan penyakit gangritis lainnya yang disebabkan oleh meningkatkan tingkat asam lambung karena mengkonsumsi vitamin C berlebihan.
  • Dapat menyebabkan terjadinya gangguan pada urikosuria yaitu kadar asam urat meningkat dalam kandung kemih, karena consumsi vitamin C yang berlebihan. Bahkan hal ini akan menimbulkan gangguan pada ginjal.
  • Kelebihan dosis asupan vitamin juga akan beribat lebih serius lagi yaitu terjadi kerusakan jaringan otak.
  • Menimbulkan rasa pusing dan mual, rasa ini akan timbuk jika mengkonsumsi vitamin C lebih dari batas yang ditentukan yaitu 2000 mg / hari.
  • Asupan vitamin C yang berlebihan akan memberikan dampak yang kurang baik pada kulit seperti iritasi kulit dan alergi.
  • Bagi penderita kanker tentunya harus mengkonsumsi obat kanker. Jika menggunakan banyak vitamin C maka bisa menjadikan penyerapan obat kanker terhambat, yang mana obat kanker tersbut harus diserap oleh tubuh.
Vitamin C is very good for the body for consumed within the limits of normal. But on the contrary can cause health problems if consumed in excessive amounts.

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