How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Many women who are not happy to have curly hair, because curly hair requires more care than straight hair. Curly hair care more complicated and need an extra power in order to look beautiful and charming. The wrong treatment can cause hair curly hair looks dry and expands and reduces the beauty of your face.

Another issue that is often experienced some one who has curly hair is wavy hair texture so that led to unruly hair tangled easily, especially when waking up, the hair really looks a mess. This is certainly most women who have curly hair want straight hair makes for easy set up.

Straighten hair requires special care in the salon, people call rebonding. To straighten your hair, you can do by yourself at home by using a hair straightener. Having curly hair is need more complex trearment. But you don't need to worry with your curly hair, because if you are good at doing treatment and do a good habit for curly hair. Then your hair will look beautiful and charming. Here are some tips for curly hair care.

Curly Hair Treatment Tips

Choosing the right shampoo

Now many a great types of shampoo have been sold over the counter, well for curly hair care you can buy shampoo containing lightweight materials and choose a shampoo for dry hair.

Wash your hair using carbonated water

Carbonated water has low pH levels, so as to reduce Frizz. Therefore, wash your hair by using carbonated water.

Dry hair naturally

Avoid using hair dryer to dry your hair when its wet, should you choose the natural way. Because using a blow dryer will make damaged hair and even hair tangled, branching. The best way to dry your hair is by wiping with a towel or dried in front of the fan or let your hair dry naturally. So after dry hair will be easier to set up.

Use the right comb

Curly hair is indeed hard to set up, therefore you need to choose the right comb so that the hair is not broken and loss. In addition to using the comb, to regulate the use of the finger can also do.

Select the bun hair style

In order to make curly hair look more tidy and nice then use the bun hairstyle. Women who are busy or have not enough  time to take care of curly hair, try to arrange it by way of a bun or knot to one made up. With styling your hair like this will make a mess of curly hair is not easy and your appearance look more casual.

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Trim and tidy up hair

In order to make curly hair looks tidy, its requiring routine cuts up every 2 months. Hair also looks more rapid an tangled curly hair when You diligently cleaned up or cut and remove the impression of expanding up to tangle.

Use the head covering to protect hair

Pool water typically contains a liquid disinfectant that can result in negative on the hair. The fluid serves to cleanse the water of the pool from germs. And if exposed to the hair will make your hair dry and tangled. Therefore, when you are swimming use hair protector, because in addition to avoid liquid disinfectant would also protect hair from the Sunshine.

Pay attention to the humidity of the hair

Keep the humidity of the scalp is one way to let the hair dry and tangled becomes moister. Use a shampoo that is made from chemicals often cause dry hair, therefore you can switch to using natural way i.e. using baking soda to get rid of dandruff as a substitute for shampoo. Or you can use lemon juice to soften the hair naturally. Because the benefit of lime juice is also beneficial to cope with the dry, dull hair and makes hair easy set up.

Use a conditioner containing protein

Use a conditioner that contains grrat for curly hair. Conditioners have a function to make the hair more presentable and humid, in addition, conditioner will make your curls look more shine. It's not just a deep conditioner, rich with protein content, but selects a conditioner that is also reserved for curly hair and uses a shampoo that is made lightly. In order for the results of your curly hair is smoother, while using conditioner first let percolate on hair for 6 minutes. The hair is then rinsed clean.

Use Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar as a flavour enhancer acid in foods also has benefits for health. Apple Cider vinegar is also beneficial for the skin and hair beauty, such as addressing the problem of dry, dull hair and dandruff. Because Apple Cider vinegar has a fairly high level of acidity, so it can be used for straightening curly hair.

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Do natural cream bath

By doing a natural cream bath will make curly hair is more moisturized and easily arranged. -This is using natural ingredients like coconut milk and aloe vera :

  1. Wash hair using shampoo
  2. Then flush with towel
  3. Then apply the hair with Aloe Vera or coconut milk coconut
  4. Then cover the hair, can use the towel
  5. After half an hour, rinse with clean water and shampoo.

If you have curly hair and it's hard to be laid out, then do care as mentioned above. Hopefully, it can help you.


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