How Honey For Acne, Pimple

How Honey For Acne, Pimple

Honey For Acne - We all have ever had acne, acne is generally experienced by teenagers. The nature of acne which is difficult to be removed makes us feel irritated and sad, even avoid the time to meet with friends. The incidence of acne on the face of it will also engender confidence decline. Therefore, if you are affected by acne then removed immediately, so that your beauty is going to be back again. Before treating acne using honey, let's know the cause of the onset of pimples on the face.

Common causes of acne

Basically Acne can happen to anyone either parents or teenagers. But for teenagers have more risk of incidence of acne. Causes of acne is indeed not yet known definitively the onset of acne. But many experts who say that acne is caused by some thing like below.
  1. Hormonal changes. Acne that occurs in pregnant women due to hormone changes very dramatically.
  2. Too much use of cosmetics and allergies caused by cosmetics.
  3. Stress, too many thoughts are believed to be causing acne.
  4. Genetic factor, Some other facts also revealed that older people with severe cases of Acne can decrease to his son. Hormones are out of balance, the problem of increased hormone common in teenage women as the cause of acne while menstruating. This is due to the high levels of the hormone androgen levels causes acne and progesterone. As a result then the oil glands produce a lot of oil and this makes the oil glands are very sensitive.
  5. Eating patterns, some types of food not good consumption like food causes acne, fatty and contain a lot of oil.
To treat acne could use pure honey, one of which is to make the honey mask. Honey is beneficial for:
  1. Honey has natural antiseptic content that can kill bacteria and cleans the wound on acne.
  2. The acidic properties owned honey acts to prevent and reduce the growth of bacteria.
  3. sticky natural properties of honey useful for attracting dirt and dust from the skin of the face.
  4. The content of antioxidants in honey works to kill bacteria and germs that cause itchy pimples on the skin.
  5. Moisturize the skin so the skin becomes more smooth, not oily and acne cure quickly and safely.
  6. Honey has natural probiotic substance and could be useful to reduce the incidence of acne and stop new acne.
  7. Anti inflammatory substances content that serves to stop the inflammation of the wound.
Honey For Acne

The use of honey for Acne

Make Masks of turmeric and Honey

Turmeric mixed with honey is very effective for treating acne. How to get rid of acne with honey and turmeric thanks to content of antioxidants and anti inflammatory of natural so it is very effective to remove acne.

Here's the way to make mask:
  1. Prepare four spoons of honey and pour it in the bowl.
  2. Mix with half the turmeric spoons that have been processed into powder. Search pure turmeric powder sold in herbs.
  3. Use masks to all parts of the face and apply for 10 minutes.
  4. Clean the face parts with warm water and wipe with a soft towel so that the surface of the face is not too dry.
  5. To get optimal results, repeat the wearing this mask 2 times a week
Make the mask honey and granulated sugar

In addition to using turmeric, sugar sand mixed with honey also helps to eliminate acne. Mix granulated sugar and honey are very effective to open and peeling acne scars on the skin. You can make this mask while rubbing soft. Do massage with mask honey and granulated sugar on the area around the pimple. This way can be used for Acne that is already rather old or new acne will appear. For optimal result repeat 2 times a week.
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Make Natural Honey Face Mask

Honey that is sold by the counter are usually processed in advance, but to be useful with honey to treat acne is to use natural honey. Natural honey is natural raw honey or honey are taken directly from the hive.

Here's the way to make mask:
  1. Prepare a few drops of natural honey
  2. Apply this natural honey to all parts of the face using cotton soft
  3. Then let it for about 45 minutes
  4. If already feels sticky and dry, then rinse with cold water
  5. Do this way 2 or 3 times in a week.
Honey is no doubt for its benefits including for treating acne. Do you currently have problems with Acne? Hopefully this article can help.


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