Honey Benefits For Health

Honey Benefits For Health

Honey Benefits For Health  - Honey is not new thing anymore and its benefits for health also has no doubt. People all over the world have to consume the material from this nature. Many people give a portion of special to honey, not only made food and beverage sweetener, but honey, which one of them is taken for health and treat a variety of diseases.

Honey is a liquid that is produced by bees and it tastes very sweet, even sweeter than sugar. The sweetness much favored by everyone especially children, need not worry because the honey is also very good consumed by children. While the content of honey include fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, carbohydrates, enzymes, natural color substances invertase, enzymes diatse.

Honey is believed by the people of ancient Egypt as a medicine to cure various diseases. As for ancient Chinese society, honey is used as a folk remedy to neutralize toxins, relieve pain and as an antibiotic.

To know the quality of honey can be seen from this type of flower plants that absorbed by the bees. Based on expert research biology, chemistry and medicine States that honey is highly beneficial for health. The following benefits of honey for the health of the body.

Benefits of honey for health

  1. Fructose, serves to reduce the liver damage.
  2. The content of glucose in honey serves to restore the body fluids.
  3. To reduce the levels of protein and excessive glycosides in the body
  4. Cure and prevention of cancer
  5. Improve memory
  6. Boost the immune system
  7. Help wound healing
  8. Instead of sugar, drink a herbal medicine mixed with honey will give a sweet taste making it more palatable consumption
  9. Used for skin care, such as protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, prevents damaged skin cells and help the regeneration of new cells.
  10. To remove stains of acne scars on the face, use a more secure than using cosmetic chemistry.
  11. Help wound healing and prevent infection
  12. Helps control weight by waging a body's metabolism so that more fat burning.
  13. Relieves tired in activity time.
Above are some of the benefits of honey, for now many circulating false honey in the market. Therefore, before you buy honey then noticed the purity of the honey that you want to buy.

Honey Benefits
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The characteristics of pure honey:

  1. Pure honey will sink if dropped above the water surface.
  2. Honey is sweeter than sugar
  3. Honey will crystallize if poured yellow egg
  4. Pure honey pull out gas bubbles if bottle the honey whipped
  5. Pure honey not frozen although it is kept in the freezer
  6. If pure honey poured on the paper will not be see-through
  7. Pure honey if exposed to fabric leave no stains
That's the health benefits of honey, may be into extra information that you are looking for or you need. Hopefully with the consuming routine at least two honey spoons/day can make your body healthy and prevent various diseases. Provide honey at your home as the regular consumption of you and your family.


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