Hair Smoothing Treatment Tips

Hair Smoothing Treatment Tips

Hair Smoothing Treatment – In this modern era straight hairstyle and length into a yearning for every woman. The hairstyle is long and straight into a trend lately and much sought after by women. so it's no wonder many women doing expensive treatments to make it happen. However it is not uncommon for those who use chemicals to straighten hair, but the way this makes their hair is damaged, rough and dry. Well, the long and straight hair so that you can have the hair smoothing treatments please do.

With the progress of the era, certainly also change how to care for hair, but to make the hair more beautiful and straight need smoothing proper hair care. Well, how do I correct hair care smoothing and not make hair become damaged and dry? To do smoothing hair, please read the following:

How to care for hair smoothing so straight and beautiful

Caring for hair is not difficult, but requires the right way. In addition, hair care should also be exercised intensively, modern and natural way, and habits. The use of chemicals for hair maybe you can do if the chemical does not contain material that is dangerous and may damage the hair.

Here are some tips on hair smoothing treatment:
  • A habit that can cause hair not straight hair is binding, unwittingly that binding the hair in quite a long time will affect the texture of the hair, or your hair becomes wavy. If you want to keep your hair straight and beautiful avoid the habit of tying the hair.
  • Wait and wait for your hair to dry naturally when finished shampooing. The use of a hairdryer might be more practical and instant to dry wet hair. But this will make your hair dry and rough.
  • Need to trim regularly. Do regular hair cuts can make your hair more beautiful and neat. You don't have to cut the hair too much so that the long hair you have stay up. You can simply cut off the ends of the hair only.
  • Modern hair care with the use of chemicals that are as safe as the smoothing hair can be done. However, after the smoothing hair let your hair rest for a moment. If you want to give the hair color, then wait after 3 months smoothing hair. This is to avoid a pile of chemicals in the hair.
  • Use a comb made of wood and have teeth sparse. Combs made of wood will be more natural than on the comb of the plastic material that can trigger the effect of static electricity in your hair.
  • Use the tools hair catok, remember do not use these tools is excessive so that your hair is not damaged. So that your hair is not dry after using the tool that has high then use moisturizers before.
  • After smoothing the hair don't immediately you wash, you can wash it if it has been 3 days. This aims, so that hair straighteners can cream is absorbed by the hair optimally.
  • To reduce the effect of the use of chemicals, you could make hair mask naturally. Many natural ingredients are good for treating hair as coconut oil, honey oil, Pecans, olive oil, milk, eggs and others as I have a previous post.
  • Next cream bath regularly and we encourage you to use the hair drying towel.
Hair Smoothing Treatment
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After smoothing the hair and not to back curly hair, or to reduce frizzy hair quickly then when you sleep, use a pillow made of satin or silk. So that your hair does not tangle especially after waking up.

It is easy, isn't it? to maintain straight hair after smoothing, that's some hair smoothing treatment tips, may be able to help.


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