Cure For Baldness Tips

Cure For Baldness Tips

Cure For Baldness – Baldness is hair problems are often a complaint for many people especially men. There are many things that cause baldness. If you are experiencing it, surely it will make you look less attractive. Even the baldness is often makes people not confident, so they are trying to cover his head. Baldness is also often makes people become stressed, because shame when meet others.

Many people who are bald then decided to shave his hair all, aiming to disguise baldness. But this is not the way to solve the problem, even shaving the hair until exhausted would be in his face. Balding is caused by many factors, such as below.

The cause of baldness

# Genetic

The first factor that make people bald was because of lineage or genetic. So if you have a parent or grandparent who is bald, then you are also more at risk of baldness.

# Stress

Stress is also one of the factors the causes of baldness, this is because the strees can increase hair loss. So it's no wonder that scientists always over thinking experience baldness. So their intelligence that makes the baldness but stress that triggers hair loss. If the man felt tress most of them taking excessive 4lc0h0l and cigarettes so that this will make the hair condition is getting worse.

# Age

Hair follicle function to help hair growth, well if the age of the older then the follicles are also getting down. Of course this leads to hair growth be stunted and can cause baldness.

How to treat baldness naturally

Cure For Baldness Tips

Treat baldness using eggs

Egg yolk or egg white is beneficial for the health of the hair that is making the hair more black and shiny. In addition to cope with dry hair, eggs can also be used to treat baldness.

How to use it:

Separate the egg yolk from the white. Then apply to the parts of the head bald. Meanwhile, massage heads slowly to launch the blood circulation.

Treat baldness using coconut milk

Content of coconut milk is very good for the hair, mainly to help hair growth. Well, it is precisely if it can be used on the people bald. Coconut milk served to enhance the hair follicles, so hair growth to be more optimal.

How to use it:

Sweep the coconut milk to the rest of the head section, leave for a few groats in order to be absorbed, then rinse with clean water.

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Treat baldness using olive oil

The fertility of the hair can be assisted with the grant of olive oil, if your hair is lush surely will reduce the risk of hair loss that can cause baldness.

How to use it:

Apply olive oil to head, leave a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Treat baldness using Apple skin

Apple skin in addition to contain antioxidants to prevent cancer, the skin of the Apple is also believed to be able to cure baldness. Apple skin would make the blood circulation to the hair roots and will trigger the growth of hair.

Treat baldness using vinegar

Vinegar has also become the natural ingredients that can be used to overcome baldness. Vinegar used to clean hair, so dirty dandruff and hair more reduced. Dirty hair and cause dandruff can make the hair is not lush and hair growth be stunted.

Treat baldness using Pecans

Pecan oil is useful for making the hair more lush and glossy black.

The trick is pretty easy:

Roasted pecans and then puree, and then apply it to the part of bald head. When you do at night and clean on the next day after waking up.

That's some natural tips to cure baldness, may be useful and make your hair grow as before.


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