Best Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair

Best Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair

Whether your hair is damaged, broken and stiff? If so then you must do hair care seriously. Hair problems will often occur if not heeded, so that will affect your appearance. A lot of things you can do to your hair so shiny and beautiful again. To do hair care you can go to the beauty salon or you can do it by yourself at home. The use of chemicals becomes an option for most people, but realized the chemicals are dangerous and pose a more serious hair problems. So use a natural hair care products.

Therefore, we recommend that you do a hair treatment naturally can be done at home and certainly will save the cost of cosmetics. How can make your hair back again healthy and undamaged. See below a few tips for the Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair.

How to care for damaged hair

# Trim hair routine

If your hair is already a bit long then more at risk of damaged, therefore in order to make the hair back again neat and beautiful, you should trim the hair. Having long hair is the desire of all women, but trimming the hair should still be done to avoid hair branches and chapped. You do not need to trim the hair too much, simply trim the ends of the hair and do routinely at least one and a half months.

# Use a comb in accordance with your hair

The comb is an essential tool for styling your hair, but the comb have been made based on the type of hair, like a comb to comb curly hair and straight hair and so on. Use a comb in accordance with hair will reduce the chances of hair loss. Select the correct comb, Do not use the comb made of plastics because it's easy to break the ends of the hair, the teeth of the comb is not sharp so not to injure the scalp and comb that is easy to be clean.

Best Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair

# Protect hair from the sun radiation

This does not mean your hair should not be exposed to sunlight, however Sun still has great benefits for the body. All you need to do is protect your hair from the Sun's rays in quite a long time, if there are outside the room and right under a scorching sun, you should use protective hair such as hats, umbrellas and more.

# Consume vitamin E

Vitamin E is closely related to beauty treatments including to care for damaged hair. Intake of vitamin E can you get by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin E include nuts, soy oil, corn oil, beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, alfalfa, wheat, seed oil sunflower seeds and so on. Vitamin E will make hair healthier and stronger so it is not easily damaged.
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That's some damaged hair care tips naturally which is easy to do and you don't have to go to a salon and spend much money for hair care.


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