Drink More Water To Lose Weight

Drink More Water To Lose Weight

The water content is greater in the body and has an important role especially in the style of balanced nutrition. But reduce the water content in the body easily due to wasted by Walpole and race. Lack of body fluids can prevent weight loss occur due to an imbalance in the body.

Not just food consumption, body calories of sugar in a wide variety of drinks taste sweet. Drinking habits of high sugar levels is one of the factors that lead to obesity. Choose mineral water, drinking water is most suitable and healthy because they contain no additional sugar and reduce other beverages that contain calories. Research results showed the usually long term drinking can prevent weight 1.45 kg for 4 years.

Nutritional gives impact on weight and how many calories in your body every day. Drinking more water can help to balance the body and help control the appetite. Drink water before meals is a way one strategy reduces the effective part of the meal, they can offer us food not so much.

A good diet program is to reduce your calorie intake, but became too difficult, especially if you have overweight or obese. Drinking water can reduce your appetite research on individuals with more weight, meeting with effectiveness and reduce your calorie intake. Even water is consumed before eating 44% weight loss was experienced. The study also found drinking habit before a meal will lose weigh up to 2 kg in 12 weeks.

Speed up metabolism

Speed up metabolism
Consumption water helps besides being useful to control your calories, reducing fat and increasing your metabolism. The mechanism is called resting energy expenditure which a fixed body burn calories when the body was physical doing activity. Continual metabolism will help greatly in weight loss, especially for those of us who have little time to exercise.

The study results suggest that healthy people consume water 500 ml can raise metabolism up to 24% of normal conditions. Increase metabolism can last about 60 minutes after ingestion of drinking water. The same effect was also observed in a study of children who are obese, by adjusting the volume of consumption of drinking water 10 ml/kg may increase metabolism of 25% which lasted for 40 minutes.

Rey is the main metabolic mechanism of weight loss requires sufficient intake of water. He was cast in 60-70% of calories burned per day, actively move and standing time only activity to burn calorie. Instead, may prevent slowing your metabolism burning calories. As a result, reduces body fat a little more but may not be experiencing weight loss.

Warm water and cold water, which is the better?

Many people assume that consume cool temperatures water can cause weight gain. You need to know that the water temperature does not affect the profits of water to lose weight. Cold water consumption can be increased up to burn calories. Because it will be the temperature of cold water until it becomes more warm when it enters the body through this mechanism.
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How much water consumption?

Consume water is something vital like that when running food program. It will help decline in the number of calories in the body metabolism. Daily water consumption recommended is 8 glasses or 250 ml, or the equivalent of 2 liters per day. The number of daily consumption less than it can still give you an advantage in weight loss.

The research shows, drinking water consumption habits 1 liter per day helps to burn extra calories 23 daily or about 17000 calories in one year. And the rate of low weight is 2 kg. With the amount of water consumption are not much different, other research also showed a decrease in weight loss and abdominal circumference for 8 weeks. This shows that drinking water can be beneficial in weight loss in the long term.


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