Benefits Of Vitamin A And Sources

Benefits Of Vitamin A And Sources

As we know, the Vitamin A is sorely needed by the human body. If you do not yet know with vitamin A, then check out this review properly about the benefits of vitamin A, vitamin A and other foods containing vitamin a.

Another name of vitamin A is retinol that has important functions to maintain eye health and natural beauty give effect on the body. To meet the needs of vitamin A, you have to consume food and drinks that are rich in vitamin a. in the bottom of the article, we will provide various types of foods containing vitamin a.

Vitamin A classified types of vitamins soluble in fat, and then stored in the liver. The body of vitamin A deficiency can be fatal like arising on eye health disorders and so on. Well, here is the some benefits of vitamin A should you know so that your body is always healthy and can be used for doing activity every day.

The Functions Of Vitamin A

In addition to maintaining eye health, vitamin A also aids in the formation of the pigment of the eye, especially when the evening because of the lack of lighting. Vitamin A also plays a role to maintain the health of bones and teeth.

Vitamin A also makes the skin healthier so it will look gorgeous every day is not enough, that's it, the mucous membranes in the nose also need vitamin A in order to function optimally.

Vitamin A also serves to optimize the growing the fetus and to the health of pregnant women. For pregnant women, consume vitamin A is highly recommended, this is to help the growth of the fetus especially on the eyes, bones and teeth of a fetus in the womb.

For women, meets the intake of vitamin A is also useful to prevent the incidence of breast cancer that is highly feared by every woman. Then prevent malicious early is better than cure. The acid content of retinol in vitamin A will inhibit the emergence of networks that cause breast cancer.

The benefits of vitamin A

If the body is getting enough vitamin A intake, the body will be spared from cancer and eye diseases. Vitamin A is identical to the eye. So from past to present the benefits of vitamin A for healthy eyes is no doubt. Many people who experience the disorder of the eyes like the eyes of low vision or vision eye less keen. A disorder of the eye is often caused by a less healthy eating pattern. Especially less consuming foods that contain vitamin A.

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The cause of the other eye disorders are now is the digital era, staring at the screen monitors and other electronic tools give a negative effect against the eye and lead to diseases of the eye. This may be due to the demands of the work or operate the gadget for many hours without pause. Unwitting that such action is very detrimental to our eyes. Even more severe can cause cancer of the eye. Thus, eating foods rich in vitamin A is highly recommended, so make note the list of foods that contain vitamin A and write to the list of your daily food menu.

Source Of Vitamin A

Sources of vitamin A are classified into two, namely: a source of vitamin A in animal and vegetable sources of vitamin A. What are the foods that containing vitamin A in animal and vegetable?

Source Of Vitamin A In Animal

Animal sources of vitamin A include: Milk, liver, fish Cork, Rabbitfish, crabs, squid and many more others.

Vegetable Sources Of Vitamin A

While the vegetable sources of vitamin A obtained from vegetables and fruits including papaya, spinach, sprouts, seaweed, guava, carrot, cabbage, mustard greens and others.

Make sure the list of foods that you consume each day at least contain vitamin a. Whereas complaints often arise due to vitamin A deficiency is sore eyes or disorders of the eye such as cataracts, the stamina of the body decreases, Dizzy head, hair loss, dry skin and more.

That's benefits and sources of vitamin A. So do not let your body lack of vitamin A. Choose healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables, as well as avoid any unhealthy food.


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